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  • I don't seem to recall The Queen using magic though.

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    Maybe we're looking for two suspects instead of one. The murders could've been committed by two Fables working as a team. Just food for thought.

  • @ChaoticAssault31 i agree with you. The mirror says. His lips are sealed just the same as Faith told Bigby. I think its some sort of trick hence the name Smoke and Mirrors. The Murder/Kidnapper is a Magician of sort that can copy someone. What about Gepeto or the blue fairy? They made Pennocio. I bet its the Blue Fairy and the Fairy Godmother they are up to no good!!!

  • I think that ribbon may be a symbol of ownership. Maybe that's how the pimp branded his girls. In one of the two screenshots for episode two, the stripper appears to also have a ribbon of the same color around her neck.

  • I think that the ginger guy is just a reused character. At the beginning of the game, he drives the cab, but later you can see him walking on the street!

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    Spoilers for Fables Comics and Trigger Warning for mentions of Rape

    While I don't think that Ichabod Crane is the murderer, I most definitely believe that he's involved with the prostitution happening in Fabletown. For a little backstory, Crane was removed from office after he sexually harassed Snow. Later in the comics Bigby uses Cinderella to spy on Crane as he is conspiring with the Adversary, in doing so he finds that Crane has a revenge rape fantasy about Snow because in his mind she made "false claims" and he got booted because of it. Bigby ends up killing Crane.

    When playing the first episode, I thought that Faith and Snow looked somewhat similar. This made me think that Bigby's kindness towards Faith, at least in the way I play Bigby, made sense as she reminded him of Snow. This may have been the same for Crane. If Crane couldn't have Snow, then Faith would be an adequate placeholder. I believe that Crane is one of Faith's clients, and as someone said earlier, his "massages" are not what they seem.

    I'd also like to say that I 100% believe that Bigby is not the killer. It might be someone he knows, or someone tied to him, but there is no way that Bigby would ever hurt Snow.

  • But didnt Crane ask Snow to call about his massage right after he was told about the death of Faith? But now that I think about it I pretty sure Crane didnt know WHO the victim was yet.

  • That doesn't mean he isn't involved. Murders in Fabletown are few and far between, at least blatant ones that happen in the mundy world. If Crane needed Faith taken care of and hired someone to do it, or if he was part of a bigger plot, then Bigby coming in to the office saying that someone was murdered would need no explanation. He would already know who was killed because he's involved. And if he was Faith's client, then he would no longer need his "massages" if she was the only prostitute he was seeing.

    Sorry if that didn't make sense!

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  • After the 2nd part, here is my guess and as to why:

    Crane is clearly set up. Yes he has a fantasy with snow white and hired a hooker to be her. 2 Clues as to he was set up are that he was shocked at both Snow being dead and her returning; and why would he have pictures of himself having sex with fake snow and leave them there after killing her? Clearly a set up.

    It can NOT be Bluebeard because: He just wants to take over role as mayor, which he does in the 3rd episode coming up after you kick crane's ass. That leaves 2 episodes of BS.

    It can and PROBABLY is which ever pig Bigby was talking to in the first parts. The killer smokes Huff and Puff, the same brand as Bigby. Bigby shared his smokes with the pig. No one else apparently smokes that crap brand.

    Side note: I didn't see that red head piece of sh@t that everyone pointed out in the first part. Has anyone else seen him?

  • The killer is Crane. So far there is very little evidence. Oh, and we don't know what Bigby read exactly in the comics before smashing Crane's skull. Crane leaves because Snow had enough evidence to get him fired. Crane loves denying he did anything wrong. Crane is a manipulative lier, he ordered the murder of Prince Lawrence (gun was fired a week ago, and Dee points a shotgun at Bigby in the preview of episode 3. Only a shotgun could create the blood spatter on Dee's face and Lawrence's fireplace). And if you think like Bigby you would want to know everything before killing Crane. Crane shows up in the comics only to be killed. Dee and Dum extorted money for Crane, if you went after Dee you'll probably kill him in episode 3. Woody very likely gets killed by Gren.

  • Queen of Hearts

  • Your logic is probably the worst I have ever seen. A shot gun leaves pellets, there was only one bullet in the wall with Lawrence. This story takes place well before the comic, so your "Crane is the killer because in the comic Bigby smashes his head in" makes no sense.

  • Maybe monkey works close to crane to could easily set him up no one ever expects the monkey

  • The bullet was from being shot in the lung, and there is a suicide note. Lawrence failed miserably. You probably didn't examine the crime scene at Lawrence's after going to Toad's first. Lawrence was shot twice. One bullet that was shot a week ago. Talk about shitty detective work.

  • Well like Deathwish47 said Crane looks to set up to be the suspect. Me and my friend talked about this topic on Skype and
    wondered about something. What if someone used this black market glamour and became Crane then framed him. Leaving the
    cigar and all the evidence to make it seem without a doubt to be Crane. Some interesting stuff this black market glamour is.

  • I played it both ways, 1 shot, 1 bullet. You are making up facts and look like a complete fool for doing so.

  • Than it must have been to dark for you. I'll upload my evidence on youtube when I play on the PC.

  • You said "Only a shotgun could create the blood spatter on Dee's face and Lawrence's fireplace"

    A shot gun does not shoot a single bullet... try again, Troll.

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    Crane doesn't smoke. He DOES drink wine, which if you remember, he was taking to a "Massage." He clearly did meet with the fake snow before she was killed based on the wine on the table.

    The killer smokes... the cigs at fake snows place... if you look into the trash near faiths head (EP 1.), an empty huff and puff pack is in the trash ON TOP.

  • You also mentioned a shotgun fires pellets. Pointed directly and at close range. I ain't gonna tell everything immediately. Oh and I knew how you would answer.

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    Where are the pellets? A shotgun would cause MANY entry wounds. And before you say "It was super close range" if that was so, it would cause EXPLOSIVE damage because it is a lot of force. People who put shotguns in their mouth no longer have a head. And if you "knew" how I was going to answer, why did it take you nearly 40 minutes to respond when you were responding in less then 2 minutes to all my other comments?

  • 40 minutes? Replaying 3 Scenes from the game on my 360

  • Go back to the bridge you crawled out from under, troll. Your shotgun theory is dead.

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    Your Colin theory is way more unrealistic

    EDIT: And besides we'll find out anyway

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    I present to you, the ONLY evidence tied to the killer.

    Huff and Puff smokes. It was brought to my attention at fake snow's crime scene. I knew I saw them somewhere else. I checked back. When you find faith's head... if you browse the trash can. 1 cart of Huff and Puffs can be seen ON TOP of all the trash. I believe the killer threw them away as he was moving the head.

    For the people who think crane is the killer... Crane doesn't smoke... What character have we seen (besides Bigby) that smokes, let alone huff and puffs... Think back to who Bigby shared a smoke with...

  • And magical shotguns that turn pellets into a single 9mm shell is better? Its black market glam spells. Collins could easily learn how to craft them.

  • Colin doesn't even know magic. And the only information on how to craft cheap glamours is in the Business Office. Bufkin is a bit more believable, but he loves getting drunk with the hanging knight who scares anyone that enters who Snow doesn't allow entrance.

  • The legal stuff is in the business office. Now you are just being stupid again. I am done talking to you with your shit theories.

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    I'm trying to make you avoid the situation you had with Prince_Charming. I didn't mention the comics, which disprove your theory about Colin.

    And Bufkin said that anyone with the proper knowledge and training could produce a glamour. Snow said witches don't craft objects these days. Knowledge which Colin lacks. It would take years to produce a single glamour. Bluebeard, Crane, Snow, Bigby, Beauty, Beast, and Crane are the only ones that could have the knowledge to craft a glamour the old-fashioned way. It's not technically illegal. Snow said it should be illegal, Bigby acts as though Snow already took over.

  • I never said anything about prince charming. I don't read the comics. I care little of what you have to say because you don't understand how a shotgun works.

  • I know you didn't read the comics, even though you should. That is why I said Colin is not the killer. He is alive and sleeps behind the Woodlands at least 10 years after the game, and tells you that life is easier with friends. Did you look at the tarot cards? Do you know the meaning of them? The person that took the pictures must be found.

    P.S. I hate the one shaded discussions as I mentioned in a different topic.

  • Why does it have to Be Bigby? Crane and Snow live in the Apartments too...

  • I am sorry, I can't understand you. Apparently shotguns shoot 9MM rounds.

  • And apparently one bullet can create two wounds at least 2 feet apart.

  • Do you guys think is the same killer? Lily didn't have a ribbon in her mouth and her head seemed like it was just tossed there, and there was a huge amount of blood in the scene...

  • you say that because the bullet wound above Lawrence? and the one on his chest?

  • Exactly. I don't know haw someone would continue to talk when I already made an indication of that small fact.

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