• I new since the beginning that it has to be the ginger, I see around all of the crime scenes and he was walking away from faith's head when bigby and snow are going to investigate.

  • Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

  • Who else thinks the Wolf is the killer? I mean, it is called "The Wolf Among Us".

  • I think it's bigby's father keeping close taps on him. N bigby's father might be a mage or some magical creature. Remember bigby's father did turn himself as a wolf... (Tho it could be prince charming is actually bigby's father) Bigby's father would have tha power to go around fable freely with out notices.

  • The Ginger Dude is my pick and makes sense, he's the last one you see with Snow and he's unassuming enough. With the fact that so many people suspect him already they'll likely have to make a rewrite if it was in fact him. It's also possible they haven't even introduced the killer yet. I was even suspecting Crane at first but seems less likely now.

  • I think it's going to be the headless horsemen, but there is something more to it. The real villain hasn't revealed him/herself yet.

  • Frog knows a lot of things

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