its been a while since ive been on here but

.. where did all the merch go? i cant even seem to locate the section that used to have shirts and boxed sets n such in it.
am i just daft or did TTG omit merch? (hope its me being daft)



  • Sorry to bump this way but

    cry seems ttg's has changed so much,
    I knew jake was leaving just not sure when, seems he is gone to Campo Santo now ! grats to him and well many others have left
    seems ill have to learn new names and say hello to new ttg crew


    aw ill miss jakey and sean
    no wonder the website changed so much! :P

    where be the merch Arrrgggh? no more box sets or plates or shirts etc

  • aww man im so bummed
    ty DjNDB for the linky

    no more CE versions of games no more anything
    doesnt really say why.. they stopped though.
    so sad
    how are we to get stuffs!? i mean it was half my fav part about ttg!!
    half being the games (little more than)
    but the other part being the swag

    what would they not even sell stuff at cons? etc or only there making them harder still to find? or they just not making anything CE wise again?
    nothing in that thread really says much about the whys or hows just that it is gone, winding down

    oh jake i congrat u on the new gig but come back to the site!
    need our swag

    ty djnb for the info, as sad as it is,
    makes no sense other than no man power or money enough to afford time and effort to sell this in a digital era
    BUT thats why i loved ttg's I thought they figured out we old schoolers love that stuff
    never thought for a sec they would stop makin stuff esp with what they had already put out

    well here is to hoping they make it comeback
    and I have played ep 1 of the wolf it rocks even with a few technical issues ;P
    but it was not on my pc, so
    i await a CE for my PC

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