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Book of fables - Keep this extra content!

posted by ruairi46 on - Viewed by 929 users

Right I am personally really liking the extra little added additions of books of fables and would like to hear others opinions on this concept. I also am really hoping they have other versions of these in their future games. Personally however I think others will disagree I would like some form of hidden collectibles in future titles but I can understand this won't be wanted by the majority.

  • Im a fan of the comic so I didn't need it per se but I think its a very cool feature and I enjoyed reading the little cards anyway. Its definitely going to help newbies to the series.

  • Personally I think that it's a great feature as I haven't read the comics earlier. It gives the background information when you need it without interfering with the story.

  • It's definitely a nice touch. I like when Telltale puts in little collectibles to make the game last longer (e.g.: car decals in Sam and Max Season 2, too much stuff to list in SBCG4AP).

    Only real issue is that, due to the game's nature, most of the Book of Fables entries aren't exactly hard to find. But maybe the later episodes will fix that.

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