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where is my 'the wolf among us' steam key?

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Hi guys! Thank you SO MUCH for your patience. We've got the PC build live on the Telltale Games website now - if you ordered it from us (or from an outlet that gave you a redeem code for the Telltale Games website), you should be able to download it now from the My Games section on your profile page.

I know you guys have been waiting especially for this, so as a special thank you to everyone who pre-ordered here, we've sent you an extra Steam code via email as a bonus.

So excited for folks to play the first episode! :)

  • I'd like to chime in and say that I haven't received the Steam Key either. Their most recent update in the release thread indicates that outside pre-orders which were registered on their website are valid for the key:

    TELLTALE / PUZZLEBOX UPDATE 6:15 PM PST: The PC version of Episode 1: Faith is now available to download from the My Games section of your profile page (for anyone who ordered The Wolf Among Us from the Telltale online store, or from an outlet that gave you a redeem code for this site).

    As a special thank you to those who've been waiting for this today, Telltale has sent a bonus Steam code to the email attached to their Telltale Games account.

    Notice how they don't make a distinction in the second portion, which means that it applies to the above customers. It's likely that they're sending these out by hand, but not over the weekend, which means we should start seeing these today and throughout the week. I'd expect an update on this when they return to work today or tomorrow (depending on whether they have Columbus Day off).

  • Has anyone even received a key yet?

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Hey all! If you didn't get a Steam key and think that you should have, send an email to so we can get you sorted out. Thanks!

    • What if we have emailed and did not get a key or even a response? Email again?

    • I've emailed support, and tweeted @telltellgames.

      Not a single person in my office has heard back from support or received any Steam keys.

    • @puzzlebox I've sent three emails from two different email accounts since Friday two from the email attached to my TTG account and one from my outlook account ive had no reply what so ever also posted on twitter and Facebook nothing at all I even managed to get a number for you guys and leave a message on the supports voice mail to contact me via phone and left my details no reply at all I'm more than disgusted with TTG support.

      Ticket ID #9929 -- claims they cant read the email after sending it and replying several times submitted on the 11th

      Ticket ID #10100 - submitted on 13th no reply

      Ticket ID #10265‏ - submitted on the 15th via a different email address no reply?

      now get the idea why I'm kind of peed off. especially when we have mods posting we sent them all out when they blatantly haven't I even have a confirmation email of the preoder from TTG sent to me after I registered the game on Fri 11/10/2013 7:33 AM GMT

  • I'm thinking of ordering this via GMG (online retailer) but I'm not sure if I'll be getting a Steam key also? I would really prefer to have an confirmation before purchase. Thank you

  • I just received my Steam Key.

  • I got the email telling me I can get a Steam key, but I'm not sure if I will go through with it. It's kind of vaguely worded, and it sounds like I'd have to give up my TTG copy and free bonus disc to get it.

    • I doubt they'd do that to you it's a Steam key AS WELL as your TTG version.

      If you don't mind sharing the e-mail (leaving out anything personal, of course), I'd happily go over it and confirm this though. Shoot me a Private Conversation if you'd like me to do that.

      Disclaimer: Moderators on this forum are volunteers from the community and are not employees of the company. Our posts merely express our personal opinion and should not be mistaken for official company statements.

  • Still didn't get one either...Sucks but I'm not going to cry to support because from what I've seen and heard, I probably won't get a response anyways. Don't really care, I got my copy and I'm happy.

  • I watched part of a "Let's Play" on YouTube and loved the premise of 'The Wolf Among Us'. However I was tossing up whether to buy it off Steam or to get the Collector's from Telltale. I decided to get the Collector's edition (because I love making of's) so I registered, bought it, and found this forum. While I realise everyone is waiting for a key I was wondering if I would receive a code, as I didn't "pre-order" the series. It would be a nice added bonus if I was to receive one. Thank you for your wonderful work,
    A New Fan.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      While I realise everyone is waiting for a key I was wondering if I would receive a code, as I didn't "pre-order" the series.

      Exactly that isn't how it's meant to work, I am afraid. The Telltale Store customers who preordered had to wait a few hours longer than the customers on Steam, so Telltale's PR decided to make up for it by giving out Steam keys. This was just a thank you for the waiters, not an obligation or anything.

      In fact, should the Telltale Store version release SOONER than Steam in those subsequent episodes, I wonder wether people with Telltale Store version AND Steam key will be prompted to install/deinstall/transfer saves just to be able to play the game mere hours sooner, potentially leading to a bit of chaos. I personally don't consider this to be a perfectly satisfying solution, but let's see where it leads them.

      • Thank you for the reply explaining my situation in detail, I would like to hope at the end when we receive the DVD we can get a Steam activation code, however it is just an added bonus and I'll still be able to enjoy the series just the same.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          The DVD (probably out mid next year) will have the complete game on it and no need to go online to play it; all perks of Steam aside, THAT'S probably the best version of the game you can get!

  • Still no key for me and no reply to my email I sent in over six days ago.

  • I too would like a Steam key please and thank you.

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