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Turning off choice notifications?

posted by Exorph on - Viewed by 8.9K users

Is it possible to turn off the choice notifications in The Wolf Among Us ("X will remember that" and "You chose to X")? I turned them off in The Walking Dead and now find myself pulled out of the experience whenever they appear. I understand some people enjoy them, but to me they only serve to make the game feel less dynamic and surprising, so I don't understand why the option seems to have been removed.

  • Yes! This option needs to be added before/with the release of Episode 2. I, too, turned them off in TWD and am now constantly distracted when they appear.

  • Telltale might patch it in at a later date, but it's not available at the moment.

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    It's especially weird when it just literally rewrites your decision and repeats it, like you weren't aware of what you did.

  • Double yes. Please give us the option to remove them, these notifications ruin all immersion.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I wonder why they removed the option in the first place... after all, they've got invert controls now!

  • Odd you guys are having trouble with it. for me it's really small text in the top left hand corner for me compared to TWD's barely noticeable for me. but yeah. there needs to be an option.

    • It's not so much that it's noticeable for me as it ruins the element of surprise, if that makes any sense. I played with them off in TWD, and it made conversations and decisions feel more real and organic--I would never know (outside of super-obvious stuff) what was a major decision, or who would remember what I said when and why, which meant I was surprised (and/or horrified, depending) when a character threw my words or a choice back in my face. And it also meant I relied on facial expressions and the like to gauge how characters reacted to my words/decisions. Just like in real life, making the game much more immersive.

      In contrast, every time I see one of the pop-ups in Fables, I immediately know that 1) the choice I'd just made was important, and 2) it's probably going to come up later. And there goes the element of surprise.

      So yeah, I really think that option needs to make a comeback too. If not in Fables (assuming they can't patch it in in a later episode), then definitely for TWD Season 2.

  • I too would like to request this feature return. I know one of the devs was against the idea (of notifications) in TWD but later warmed up to it but I still feel it needs to be up to the client's preference. I like turning off the interactive highlights and reaction notifications because I feel it is more immersive to read the character's body/facial reactions and to actually scour the scene with my own eyes for clues and items.

  • I actually ended up playing through the second half of the game with a piece of paper taped to the top left corner of my screen. I found that less distracting than the notifications. :P

  • Yeah, I hate them too.

    Please don't hold my hand. I don't want those popups to ruin the immersion, when I make a choice I want to see the outcome of it later on, not learn it before from a popup.

  • I actually like them, they help assure me that there is a point to scrutinizing each choice of dialog I make. Still I agree, there should be an option to remove them if one is so inclined.

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