• I don´t regret any of my choices because I don´t remember them anymore...

  • Nah not really although I kinda wish I helped toad first instead of the other dude, but when it gave me the chance to rip that guys arm off I was like "fuck ya!"

  • Definitely hardcore regret going to Toad's first, and I'm not sure yet how I feel about the final choice to go after Tweedle Dee... Guess we'll see how that pans out. Everything else I feel good about. Hell of a twist in this episode, I mean if they keep up that level of unexpectedness, holy cow.

    • Also sooo unsure about the whole Beauty and Beast thing. I told Beauty I'll stay out of it, but I told Beast I hadn't seen her and I just need more info about what happens in future eps to know...

  • i downloaded this game for free off the xbox marketplace, and was putting it off cause i didnt think it would be that good... boy was i wrong im not really sure on whether or not to regret my decisions, since its so early in the story, but i feel like tearing off grendels arm was a risky move. i kinda get the feeling that telltale wouldnt give a character such a small part in the story, as to just being someone you fought in a bar, so if we do see grendel later in the story, i feel like he might not have the much love for bigby, and might try to get revenge. he was a bit of an ass though. he coulda a bit less douchey.

  • Since I'm using all my save slots and making many different decisions ranging from completely good to pure evil, I don't really regret anything.

  • My only regret is hitting toad and seeing his child watching felt like such a monster awful feeling the heat of moment stuff and maybe cutting gren arm off because after playing through again understood his anger that justice was never there for his friends who needed it and just protecting his friends from unjust system that favour's the rich so sort of hero and lastly picking toad first and getting lawrence killed

  • My regret right now is that I arrested Woody instead of Dee or Dum whoever arrived at the bar.

  • Not really. Tearing up Georgie's place might come back to bite me in some way, but I don't regret it.

  • The only choice I regret a bit is going hard on Crane when he's talking about Snow White in car. I didn' think that Bigby would respond that harsh with that option.

  • Well... I regret going to Lawrence first when I was playing second time. When it's about murder case, I like to narrow my list of suspects as much as possible. That's why I prefer Lawrence dead.

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