Do you regret any of your choices?



  • The only thing I regretted was smacking Toad around a little. I was also kinda an ass in some dialogue choices but that always felt in-character.

  • I regret all of my choices.

  • It says something about the quality and likability of this game that there hasn't been a troll yet with the typical "The choice I regret is buying this game!" response.

  • See, I sometimes wish I could play games this way, but I totally can't. Every time I make a choice I end up not liking I more or less have to go back and 'fix' it; otherwise it just eats away at me. Even if I can't get past the initial urge to reload and try again, I can't enjoy future events in the game, because I find myself stuck regretting the past failures . I don't dwell on stuff like this in real life (at least not very much) because, as you say, when a choice made in the real world there is no going back. But in the case of games, where that option is more or less always available, I just can't ignore it.


  • True, though come to think of that I don't really remember someone saying that in Walking Dead sub forum, it might just be my shit memory who knows? I they was a good range of choices here, a great start if I must say so.

  • I regret whatever descision made snow die, unless she does that anyway

  • I regret lying to beast cause I really felt sorry for him but I who knows maybe on the next episode Beauty will explain everything... I also regret not going to Lawrence's place first.. Maybe it would change a few things since Tod could wait... Finally I think pulling that guys arm off will bite me in the a** but truth be told... He Started It....

  • I got a feeling that if you tear of that guys arm, if he shows up he won't be happy in the slightest.

  • I loved it! Does Snow White always die? I loved that character so much! Only option I was like "NO I DIDN'T MEAN THAT" was when you 'glass him'. Like others have said in this forum, I thought you'd get a glass and put glasses together.

  • that is very odd that people thought that glassing someone meant to clink glasses or toast, at least now you know never to say that you want to "glass" someone when you mean toast or clink glasses :)

  • I regret not jumping from the closet quick enough to save Lawrence from committing suicide. I don't regret slapping toad, I investigated his home, caught him in lies and he still wouldn't tell me what's going on. I don't regret ripping off Grendel's arm, maybe they'll take me seriously next time, I tried being nice to them at first, I didn't see a point in playing nice guy any longer. I don't regret staying out of beauty/beast situation. I treated toad/Colin the same. I do regret giving Colin the drink. I don't regret reading Lawrence letter. i don't regret giving faith the money but some how I was able to buy smokes??.. In all I'm content with my first play through I won't do a second play through until s1 is finished. Also is it just me or did this game feel a little short?? It didn't feel like an hour.

  • I'll decide that after I finish the last episode lol

  • I felt bad for Toad, but I don't regret helping Lawrence after seeing the blood in his place (though I doubt his story arc will be ending on a high note either way).

    I have mixed feelings about the Beauty decision. I told Beauty I wouldn't say anything, but we're told so little about what the two of them were up to that I just told Beast I was opting to stay out of it. Hopefully we'll clear that up next episode.

  • i hit mr toad :O doesn't feel right

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    It will ALWAYS "feel in-character". Just as in TWD, Mass Effect, etc., you're not so much changing who the protagonist is as...effecting their mood, the way their personality is expressed in the particular moment.

  • I regret not picking Silence whenever someone touched Bigby! I did that on a second playthru of the introduction just to see what all the fail states would do to his face during that fight (and I found a Game Over screen in the process!!), and when Faith grabbed his arm, I picked Silence as the reaction. Talk about intense! It's one thing to pick a line of dialogue during those moments to tell the character to let go, as was the case with Grendel, but to just stare them down until they realize they still have their hand on Bigby? Now that says a lot without saying anything at all.

    I deleted that save game because I met my goal with what I wanted to see. But when all the episodes are out and I do a second playthru, I think I'll pick that option as a running thread for the character.

  • I would have to agree with you on feel the rush of the moment. It did make the choice much more of a emotional one rather than a calculated one.

  • i only regret not going to prince lawrence's apartment first

    Same here. I won't go back and change things though. My rule with these games has always been, basically, "no take-backsies." If it were real life the characters wouldn't be able to go back and do things over, so why should I?

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    When I hitted Toad in order to intimidate him XD. I was tired of his stupid "OOOH I DON'T KNOW , NOTHING IS HAPPENINGG".

    Oh, and maybe when I didn't gave the drink to Colin the pig, but na, he was being a dick with me !

  • actually if you went to prince's first you would have saved his life, and when you went to toad's you would have found her note anyways. and we have her note now and might give it to him in the your version you let him die so he never sees the note.

  • this is true, i made sure i did both versions and that's the only way i completed my book of fables thusfar. you need to unlock bigby's mercy and bigby's vengeance (I think).

  • you my friend, are hilarious

  • The first time I played, I went to Toad's place first. Didn't regret it really. Lawrence died but at least he was with Faith now. The second time I played, I went to Lawrence's place first. I saved Lawrence but Dee or Dumb hurt Toad's son TJ. Felt bad because TJ is so adorable.

  • The first time I played, I went to Toad's place first. Didn't regret it really. Lawrence died but at least he was with Faith now. The second time I played, I went to Lawrence's place first. I saved Lawrence but Dee or Dumb hurt Toad's son TJ. Felt bad because TJ is so adorable.

  • Sorry for posting twice. I never post so I'm new to this.

  • No way!!! After playing lee and tryin my hardest to be positive on clem being bbw (big bad wolf) is awesome ima comming down hard on emmer effers!!!! I'm feeling a bit like wolverine with this character where you don't mess with me but deep deep down I can care.... sorta.....

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    I regret some things, but I don't reload or do a second playthrough (at least not until I finish all 5 episodes) because I gotta live with the consequences of my choices, otherwise what's the point? It's like reading a book or watching a movie, you wanna fix everything, but you can't, and that's the strength of these games, and what causes the emotional investment. Bad stuff happens. I was horrified at the end (and even though I knew it was coming, the "beginning"). But for me there's only one story, and that's a result of my choices.

    If I'd go back and reload, I could just select any option and see if it turns out okay, there's no pressure on the process. That'd almost ruin the experience for me.

    Only reason I'd reload is if something completely different happens than I intended, which happened once when I kind of misread the situation. I wanted to give a peace offer to Woody ("hit me" to the bartender), and instead I smashed my glass in his face after his (tragic) Red Riding Hood revelation.

    (Vague and possible TWD spoiler) And once in TWD as well (so far, up to Ep 5 now) with the situation outside of the RV in Ep3, but didn't misread there, just really didn't want what was happening to happen. Dang it :(

  • Ha I did the same. Didn't wanna lie to Beasty, didn't wanna betray his wife. Thought it was for the best, but instead I was a d*** to the poor guy!

  • Well, they don't say "be scared of the big bad wolf" for nothing, you know.

  • Oh I didn't know that, might need to go back now :D

    I don't regret going to Toad first, he has a son to keep safe, and frankly, the poor guy and his safety means more to me. I do regret the outcome, however.

  • Haha I did the same thing, also misunderstood. (did replay the scene)

    I went after woody as well, I figured hey, at least I can rule him out as a suspect after this. Otherwise he'd be out there on the streets all of next episode, a suspect. The way I figure, Dee didn't have much more info than I did (other than his employer)...

  • i was so shocked with the snows death!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i really got conneced with her!!!....fuck why did snow had to die...!!!!

  • I don't regret anything, but in the end, i catched woodsman instead of the fat guy due to the pressure. I think the fat guy has something to do with it. Woodsman seemed he didn't killed the girl, but why did he ran off? Telltale is the definition to "difficult choices"

  • Yeah i kinda regret ripping that guys arm off. I was angry at that moment and when he did it i thought that he could use it against me in the future!

  • I think the Woodsman ran off because he's afraid of Fabletown's justice.
    As for me, it wasn't a difficult choice at all : I was so pissed at the Tweedle brothers after my previous encounters with them that I was ready to run after the fat bastard even when I didn't know I would have this option.

  • When questioning Toad I got frustrated with his lying and couldn't see anyway of getting him to confess so I grabbed him. Seeing TJ's reaction I so wanted to redo it but thinking about it I think that actually the best choice for the character. BigB has a shady past and it not surprising for him to get frustrated and react just like I did. At least I didn't hit Toad. My only other real regrets were once or twice I didn't react fast enough and did a 'no choice' option by mistake. But like TWD I won't replay to fix choices.

  • i wonder if me avoiding his question would bite me in the ass later.

    I didn't lie but i didn't tell him the truth. meh...

  • I went to Toad first... but I am starting to regret that desicion because Snow ended up dying...if i went to Lawerence first could she still be around?? HMM

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