• Well, I went to Lawrence's first, but it still ended up bad for me, because I didn't "act" fast enough, at one point, I think. However, I don't hold that against me, because I was waiting for valuable info.

    • I didn't regret not saving Lawrence until I found out via these forums that he could live... Now, I kind of regret not being able to save him. However, there was no way for me to know that, so I guess I can't really be too sad about it. :)

  • Yes. I regret hitting Woody with the glass. I thought it ment like taking a drink with him or something. And I regret for going after Woody as well now. Wish I had gone after Dum or Dee.

    • I'm the opposite. I regret going after Dee instead of going after Woody.

    • Haha I did the same thing, also misunderstood. (did replay the scene)

      I went after woody as well, I figured hey, at least I can rule him out as a suspect after this. Otherwise he'd be out there on the streets all of next episode, a suspect. The way I figure, Dee didn't have much more info than I did (other than his employer)...

  • I regret leaving Faith's letter with Lawrence, unopened in my first playthough. I opened it on my second, though, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    I also kind of regret tearing Grendel's arm off on my second playthrough, but I had to do that to get the achievement.

  • the way i see it is that you can't regret something you did on your second play through because that wasn't your choice, it was just the alternat choice

  • I really regret ripping Grendel's arm off. I did it in a fit of rage, and it was a piss poor thing for a Sheriff to do. My only justification is that I think Bigby would have done it, and regretted it, just as I have.

  • I both did and did not, it's like in life you do things and sometime you wished you could have avoided others. It's just exciting to see how things will turn after what I choose to do. I don't want to replay it before all seasons are finished because my first play through will remain my story, but I might after all is finished because this game makes you want to know what could've happened.

  • The decision to go to the aid of Frog and the child made sense, but it would have been better to save Lawrence. I don't regret making the choice I did. I "regret" that the 'right' choice did not yield the best result. That's how life goes...often.

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