Do you regret any of your choices?



  • No, her head would have still shown up.

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    Nope. I went to Lawrence's first and Snow did "die".

  • Not all of us are native speakers.
    I'm French, my general understanding of english is definitely sufficient to fully enjoy Telltale games without waiting for a translation (I need the english subtitles though, so in case I don't get what is said I can still read it), but now and then, I may encounter an expression that I misunderstand.
    That's how I ended up "glassing" the Woodsman thinking I was buying him another drink...

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    My first playthrough I missed one of the clue's at toads so I picked up him and shook him, and when snow and tj saw me I felt like such a douchebag. This game does a real good job getting emotional reactions like that.

  • There are a few choices I regret, yeah. I agreed to lie for Beauty, for one, and now I'm wishing like hell that I'd chosen to stay out of it. I shouldn't have involved myself in that situation. But, truth be told, that's probably one of the things I love most about this game and The Walking Dead series--making choices and decision and then living with them, even if they out to be crappy choices and decisions.

  • Most people will eventually regret decisions, but you're supposed to.

  • It seems that only foreigners (i'm the one) got it as «smash the glass of his head». It was hilarious and i've intended it.

  • I regret not going to Lawrence's place first
    That's what alternative save files are for ;)

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    I didn't, I took pleasure in ripping that guys arm off. He was a dick.

    P.S I might be a bit of a sadist.. just saying.

  • i didn't really regret any choices, except maybe going to Toad's first instead of Lawrence. But that's why I replay it on my second save slot. just to see what's different :)

  • Giving Faith the money. I didn't feel bad about it, just felt like I'm just stalling the problem while enforcing at the same time. Not to mention I'm entirely broke which I found realized earlier
    Toad's place. I misinterpreted the picture wrong! I thought Lawrence was already dead! I thought some Dracula wannabe was standing over what I believed to be a fireplace, thinking or something, Lawrence was on the ground dead with the dagger next to him. I didn't interpret that right at all!
    Twin vs Woodsman. I think because the Woodsman ran when he pleaded not guilty and that really ticked me off. But then now that I think about it, if I arrest him then the twin gets away and then if he was the one I was walking home I still wouldn't feel right cause I feel I'm going on the wrong lead.
    So yeah. Replaying my save file for the decisions I want not to mention I didn't feel right like I did in Walking Dead. I feel as though I should place a different part of myself into Bigsby instead of being the good morals/survival guy I was with Lee. I think I need to put myself more into Bigsby role. Touch on some old feelings.

  • Only one I regret is not going to lawrences place first. And just to be going to his first place and not waiting too long to pop out when you're hiding in the closet from Dee thats the only way that lawrence lives yes?

  • Yes. The best time to jump out is when he's closest to you.

  • Actually you can save Lawrence without having to jump out of the closet. You still have to go to Lawrence's first, but don't tell him Faith is dead - instead imply that Faith has gone missing [half-truth]. (For me, this was the obvious tact since it let's you gauge his reactions.) Then when Dee shows up, just sit back and see what happens. (And here you get to see a genuine reaction from Dee too!)

    Personally I think it's the best choice since you get to see just a little bit more from both characters (which for me was enough to cross both off of the prime suspect list, although Dee is obviously guilty of other things) and best of all Lawrence lives.

  • Ah ok thanks. I figured that lil dialogue had an impact if he commits suicide or not i just wasn't really sure at the time.

  • What happens if you 'glass him', how does he react.

  • I see it in Bigsby's nature to be honest. He is the big bad wolf after all. I know he's trying to fix his past but still.

  • She can't stop you when she's just a head though...

  • In the book of Fables it says when beast and beauty fight beast becomes well more beast like. So I believe they had an argument believe it or not.

  • The biggest thing I regret is trying to pay for my drink after beating Grendal, when I already gave my money to Faith. I like my choices, but my attempt at being classy after beating the crap out of him and trashing the trip trap failed.

  • I have a list of characters in my discussion. You can add your own character refs as well.

  • One thing I've really been wondering about is what you decide to tell Beast. I decided not to get into it, I figured I'd find out later or just get myself into deep shit by lying. I mean, Beauty didn't want Bigby to tell him, and normally I would respect that. Still, after seeing the end of episode 1, I'm worried that Beauty might be the next victim.

    I regretted visiting Toad first. The way he was talking over the phone, it sounded like he was in danger. I changed it up and went to save Lawrence. When I saw the bloody knife in the mirror, I thought "this guy's about to die or already did". Also, I didn't think it was that hard to catch all the lies, first try. The last choice, threatening him or calling him out on his lies, I think was intended to poke the player. Would you be able to keep calm, or would you rather just get rough and learn what's up without wasting time?

    @daedahl: I thought D was gonna die or get put in the hospital. I'll go give that a try.

    The Trip Trap
    I'll play through again some other time and rip off Grendel's arm just to see how awesome Bigby is, but I decided against that the first time because the Woodsman spoke up, and I don't believe he did it. Either way, I didn't pay for the drink. She sided with Grendel and even helped him, that's bad for business. I gave her the STARE.

    The Wire
    The Woodsman was completely ignorant of what was going on. He wasn't laying low, he didn't know or think Bigby was coming, and off the bat he starts rambling about the day he and Bigby first met at Red's grandmother's house. And then he was confronted with the death of Faith, and he loses it, which makes me think Crane really isn't the right man for whatever job he has. His alibi fits too, he just stumbled down the street to the Trip Trap. Grendel's an upstanding citizen, despite his hate for the law. He and Holly were upset that Crane doesn't give two shits about Holly's sister, and were just taking it out on Bigby. If they knew or thought that the Woodsman killed Faith, they would probably feel betrayed rather than stick up for him. The photo in the bar really shows that they're good friends with him.

    D and Dum on the other hand, they know something, but I doubt they're involved with the murder.

    @Zeek: That's awesome.

  • Thanks, I didn't know that; however, although I'll try this as soon as I can, I believe Prince Lawrence may do something bad to himself if you told him something else, other than the truth.

  • I regretted so many choices I made - I regretted promising Beauty I would not tell Beast and I ended up telling Beast (don't ask, I wasn't thinking clearly), I regretted smacking poor ol' Toad. I had the option of hitting him or investigate more. I thought I investigated as much as I could and I thought hitting him was the only thing I could do. I'm a non-violent person in real life and I hated doing that so much. Plus I scared Toad Jr :( And then, once I found out I could save Prince Lawrence if I went to his place first, I regretted going to Toad's first.

    So, in my second playthrough I kept silent to both Beauty and Beast, I went to Lawrence's place first so I could save him, and I did, and at Toad's I didn't smack the poor guy.

    Yeah, I replayed the whole game to correct my choices. If I didn't, I wouldn't have felt good about it.

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    Did anyone chop off that guys arm in the pub? I did regretted it then thought no they now know who is boss. But I may need them in the future :/ what did everyone else do?

  • i regret visiting the toads earlier than the prince.....!!

  • The only one i really regret is not taking Dee but taking Woody instead, as he could possibly be the culprit. I guess I'll just have to see next episode.

  • i regret nothing serious but being a dick to beast, with the silence option. Still hilarious tho

  • And I thought I was going to have sex with Snow White :<

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    I regret going to Toad's first and I regret intimidating Toad instead of catching him in his lies. Obviously I had a second (not as canon :P) playthrough in the second save-file where I played the nice guy and rectified all of this.

    And then I had a mean guy play through, boy was that one fun.

  • lol. . . . I'm going to hell for laughing at that though :P

  • I wanted to go after Dee, because we didn't knew a lot about him. Woody seemed talking the truth abou being inncoent. But in the moment of the decision, for some reason, I clicked Woody instead...

  • There are so many decisions I couldn't help not doing several of them. I think the tearing of the arm won't have a huge effect in the next episode, especially if you went after Woody. I never changed the first and third chapters. The only thing I did regret was not talking to Snow White while I was at Toad's apartment. I always went to Lawrence first and saved him by chasing Dee.

  • I regret slapping toad when he was not telling the truth, i also regret hitting woody with a glass when he was talking about his past.

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    I had to play the game through twice. Once tying to be a nice guy, save the prince and that only fights when I need to like myself and I didn't rip of grendal's arm. The other a dick to everyone I knew deserved it, lied to beast, and save tj from getting hurt without scaring him =). I have to say ripping grendal's arm was satisfying in the end.

  • Same for me. I didn't expect that so I quit the game and restarted the sequence as I was doing the patient man who try to avoid violence.

  • You have to redo that part anyway for the achievement of Novice Librarian, so you can't regret it entirely.

  • In my original play-through, I regretted not going to Lawrence's first when I discovered he was dead - even more so when I got to the end and discovered I could've saved him. I immediately started my replay, and am now pleased with my choices.

    I don't regret giving Faith the money - Even though she ends up dead regardless, I still think it was a good choice.

    I don't regret lying to Beast - I feel comfortable keeping Beauty's secret, even if I don't know what it is. I don't think she'd ever do anything to outrightly hurt him. Even if it is another Faith-Lawrence situation, I still think the right choice is be on her side.

    I don't regret not tearing out Grendel's Arm - He may be a dick, but I just didn't see why the fight needed to go there, especially since my dialogue choice we more indicative of just trying to ignore him and pursue the investigation with Woody.

    I don't regret going after Dee - Honestly? I never thought that Woody had anything he could tell me. At best, I thought he could maybe tell me something by accident, but I don't think he knows what is and isn't useful to my character in this investigation, and I don't think he'd tell me on purpose even if he could. Dee, on the other hand, i thought would be a much more promising well of knowledge. Not only did I not know why he was involved in this whole mess, but he seemed to be the better shot at catching my killer.

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