• I regretted not going to save Lawrence first, other then that I am fine with what I did, I am surprised so many people tore of that one guys arm, and I can't be the only person who for some reason thinks Woody is interesting right?

  • Every time I made a tough choice in the game, I just kept asking myself "Am I doing the right thing?". I've been trying to play as a nice guy throughout the whole episode. (Most of the time) XP

  • I did the same thing, be nice do that, but sometimes I just don't care about being nice you know?

  • The only thing I regretted was smacking Toad around a little. I was also kinda an ass in some dialogue choices but that always felt in-character.

    • It will ALWAYS "feel in-character". Just as in TWD, Mass Effect, etc., you're not so much changing who the protagonist is as...effecting their mood, the way their personality is expressed in the particular moment.

  • I regret all of my choices.

  • It says something about the quality and likability of this game that there hasn't been a troll yet with the typical "The choice I regret is buying this game!" response.

  • True, though come to think of that I don't really remember someone saying that in Walking Dead sub forum, it might just be my shit memory who knows? I they was a good range of choices here, a great start if I must say so.

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