• I got a feeling that if you tear of that guys arm, if he shows up he won't be happy in the slightest.

  • I'll decide that after I finish the last episode lol

  • I felt bad for Toad, but I don't regret helping Lawrence after seeing the blood in his place (though I doubt his story arc will be ending on a high note either way).

    I have mixed feelings about the Beauty decision. I told Beauty I wouldn't say anything, but we're told so little about what the two of them were up to that I just told Beast I was opting to stay out of it. Hopefully we'll clear that up next episode.

  • i hit mr toad :O doesn't feel right

  • When I hitted Toad in order to intimidate him XD. I was tired of his stupid "OOOH I DON'T KNOW , NOTHING IS HAPPENINGG".

    Oh, and maybe when I didn't gave the drink to Colin the pig, but na, he was being a dick with me !

  • The first time I played, I went to Toad's place first. Didn't regret it really. Lawrence died but at least he was with Faith now. The second time I played, I went to Lawrence's place first. I saved Lawrence but Dee or Dumb hurt Toad's son TJ. Felt bad because TJ is so adorable.

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