• Sorry for posting twice. I never post so I'm new to this.

  • No way!!! After playing lee and tryin my hardest to be positive on clem being bbw (big bad wolf) is awesome ima comming down hard on emmer effers!!!! I'm feeling a bit like wolverine with this character where you don't mess with me but deep deep down I can care.... sorta.....

  • I don't regret anything, but in the end, i catched woodsman instead of the fat guy due to the pressure. I think the fat guy has something to do with it. Woodsman seemed he didn't killed the girl, but why did he ran off? Telltale is the definition to "difficult choices"

    • I think the Woodsman ran off because he's afraid of Fabletown's justice.
      As for me, it wasn't a difficult choice at all : I was so pissed at the Tweedle brothers after my previous encounters with them that I was ready to run after the fat bastard even when I didn't know I would have this option.

      • I wanted to go after Dee, because we didn't knew a lot about him. Woody seemed talking the truth abou being inncoent. But in the moment of the decision, for some reason, I clicked Woody instead...

  • Yeah i kinda regret ripping that guys arm off. I was angry at that moment and when he did it i thought that he could use it against me in the future!

  • When questioning Toad I got frustrated with his lying and couldn't see anyway of getting him to confess so I grabbed him. Seeing TJ's reaction I so wanted to redo it but thinking about it I think that actually the best choice for the character. BigB has a shady past and it not surprising for him to get frustrated and react just like I did. At least I didn't hit Toad. My only other real regrets were once or twice I didn't react fast enough and did a 'no choice' option by mistake. But like TWD I won't replay to fix choices.

  • i wonder if me avoiding his question would bite me in the ass later.

    I didn't lie but i didn't tell him the truth. meh...

  • My first playthrough I missed one of the clue's at toads so I picked up him and shook him, and when snow and tj saw me I felt like such a douchebag. This game does a real good job getting emotional reactions like that.

  • There are a few choices I regret, yeah. I agreed to lie for Beauty, for one, and now I'm wishing like hell that I'd chosen to stay out of it. I shouldn't have involved myself in that situation. But, truth be told, that's probably one of the things I love most about this game and The Walking Dead series--making choices and decision and then living with them, even if they out to be crappy choices and decisions.

  • Most people will eventually regret decisions, but you're supposed to.

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