Do you regret any of your choices?



  • I only regret going after Dee. Even though I don't think the Woodsman did it, he is the prime suspect after all. At least it would take him off the streets and rule him out once and for all. As for prince Lawrence, the bloody knife made me go there first, thought I could find his killer still in the apartment. Didn't take the arm off and caught toad on 2 of his lies (how could I beat him up with snow there? - Dat wolf is tamed!).

  • I regret buying the game honestly. As much as it pains me to say the delay between episodes has gotten so long that I lost interest in TWAU.

    It's a damn shame quite frankly. I have to wonder if TTG expected the boom that season 1 of TWD ended up being. With all these other intellectual properties that are throwing money at TTG to create a game for them it seems like TWAU has suffered the effect.

    Hope the game comes out soon for all who are waiting.

  • The only choice I regret is buying this game on day 1. don't get me wrong I love it but I don't think this works out too well in a episodic wait 3 months till episode 2 type of game. your supposed to be a detective so how are we supposed to place the pieces together if we forget certain things in between waiting. it works with the walking dead because theres usualy some kind of time skip anyway and its about survival and attention to detail is just a bonus. I like this game but I think im going to wait till the entire game is released to play it so I can stay in detective mode.

  • Ripping an arm off is to violent for me, but I was thinking a fable with an arm cut off is like a human breaking an arm (I boke mine on new years Ironic huh?) anyway my mindset is "he will recover" so thats why I did it. plus hes a douchebag lol

  • I can't remember my choices. :-(

  • Just because a Fable can take a lot doesn't mean it hurts less.

  • I really regret going to help Toad first, I think I really misunderstood everything, when I saw the bloody knife in the mirror I thought that Lawrence killed Faith and that's why there was blood, I didn't think he commited suicide and that's why I thought he could wait because something really bad was happening at Toad's place... And then I also regret slapping Toad, I just didn't saw the marks on the door so he was still lying to me and I thought I had to be violent with him. And I also thought he hit his son and that's why he was crying, I'm really ashamed of thinking like that, my mind's weird I guess, but I'm not changing any of my decisions.

  • I don't regret a damn thing! Not even ripping off Grendel's arm. I'm playing Bigby as a complete anti-hero so it's anything goes for me.

  • I can't remember any of my choices it has been so long, lol.

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    I kinda torn apart that I didn't give Faith any money. In my defense I got the vibe that she wasn't looking for money but when finding her head on the stairs I thought that maybe I could have paid for a cab or something. :/

    Hehe, well at least I till have some cash in episode 2 :P

  • Helping Toad first is the main one, and MAYBE for pulling of Grendel's arm. But when I played it again I thought; "He had it comin" And I yanked it off again. So yeah, I'm actually pretty happy with that one.

  • I don't regret any of my choices so far, actually. I'm wondering if I should have lied to Beast (though it's hard to make that decision without knowing Beauty's secret right now) and maybe I should have been harsher to Toad and Colin about getting a glamour. I definitely said they wouldn't get a free pass from me, but maybe I should have laid down the law a little harder

  • I see many people are regreting not giving Faith any money... Why?! I mean even if you did give her the money you had only 55 I think out of 100, if you watch movies you know that the bad guys aren't satisfied with only 50%. Think back, what happened the last time someone in a movie didn't give a 100% money back, but only some, and now compare that when someone in a movie came with no money at all, how did they end up? Exactly, the same. And anyways if I gave her money I couldn't have been A COMPLETE BADASS BY PAYING FOR THE DRINK IN THE.... ummm... in that bar.... GODDAMIT TTG YOU SEE WHAT THE DELAY DOES TO PEOPLE?????

  • Being genre-savvy isn't the fucking point.

    Anyway, I think it's more badass just to death-stare the troll. I like the direction they took with choosing to be silent.

  • Different people, different preferences I guess, but now you are practically fucked for the rest of the game in terms of money, except if you get your paycheck or something like that.

  • I don´t regret any of my choices because I don´t remember them anymore...

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    Maybe they'll let you steal from Snow's apartment. She's not gonna need any of it until she resurrects. No sense letting it go to waste and I'm pretty sure she'd WANT Bigby to take the money she keeps in there.

  • Nah not really although I kinda wish I helped toad first instead of the other dude, but when it gave me the chance to rip that guys arm off I was like "fuck ya!"

  • Definitely hardcore regret going to Toad's first, and I'm not sure yet how I feel about the final choice to go after Tweedle Dee... Guess we'll see how that pans out. Everything else I feel good about. Hell of a twist in this episode, I mean if they keep up that level of unexpectedness, holy cow.

  • Also sooo unsure about the whole Beauty and Beast thing. I told Beauty I'll stay out of it, but I told Beast I hadn't seen her and I just need more info about what happens in future eps to know...

  • i downloaded this game for free off the xbox marketplace, and was putting it off cause i didnt think it would be that good... boy was i wrong im not really sure on whether or not to regret my decisions, since its so early in the story, but i feel like tearing off grendels arm was a risky move. i kinda get the feeling that telltale wouldnt give a character such a small part in the story, as to just being someone you fought in a bar, so if we do see grendel later in the story, i feel like he might not have the much love for bigby, and might try to get revenge. he was a bit of an ass though. he coulda a bit less douchey.

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    (I know this is a dead thread, but I wanted to comment.)

    It makes total sense to misinterpret it if you're not a native speaker, but it still is pretty funny. I think it's pretty funny that some people wanted to be nice and toast the Woodsman or buy him a drink and then they do the exact opposite end up smashing a bottle over his head. You've got to admit that's hilarious. Were you really surprised when it happened? :)

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    Since I'm using all my save slots and making many different decisions ranging from completely good to pure evil, I don't really regret anything.

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    My only regret is hitting toad and seeing his child watching felt like such a monster awful feeling the heat of moment stuff and maybe cutting gren arm off because after playing through again understood his anger that justice was never there for his friends who needed it and just protecting his friends from unjust system that favour's the rich so sort of hero and lastly picking toad first and getting lawrence killed

  • My regret right now is that I arrested Woody instead of Dee or Dum whoever arrived at the bar.

  • I intentionally chose woody because I know others will choose dee dum.
    still interesting...

  • Not really. Tearing up Georgie's place might come back to bite me in some way, but I don't regret it.

  • The only choice I regret a bit is going hard on Crane when he's talking about Snow White in car. I didn' think that Bigby would respond that harsh with that option.

  • Well... I regret going to Lawrence first when I was playing second time. When it's about murder case, I like to narrow my list of suspects as much as possible. That's why I prefer Lawrence dead.

  • ... If you prefer people dead, why do you bother solving murders ?

    I'm not sure I understand your motivations.

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