• i didn't really regret any choices, except maybe going to Toad's first instead of Lawrence. But that's why I replay it on my second save slot. just to see what's different :)

  • Giving Faith the money. I didn't feel bad about it, just felt like I'm just stalling the problem while enforcing at the same time. Not to mention I'm entirely broke which I found realized earlier
    Toad's place. I misinterpreted the picture wrong! I thought Lawrence was already dead! I thought some Dracula wannabe was standing over what I believed to be a fireplace, thinking or something, Lawrence was on the ground dead with the dagger next to him. I didn't interpret that right at all!
    Twin vs Woodsman. I think because the Woodsman ran when he pleaded not guilty and that really ticked me off. But then now that I think about it, if I arrest him then the twin gets away and then if he was the one I was walking home I still wouldn't feel right cause I feel I'm going on the wrong lead.
    So yeah. Replaying my save file for the decisions I want not to mention I didn't feel right like I did in Walking Dead. I feel as though I should place a different part of myself into Bigsby instead of being the good morals/survival guy I was with Lee. I think I need to put myself more into Bigsby role. Touch on some old feelings.

  • Only one I regret is not going to lawrences place first. And just to be sure....um going to his first place and not waiting too long to pop out when you're hiding in the closet from Dee thats the only way that lawrence lives yes?

    • Yes. The best time to jump out is when he's closest to you.

    • Actually you can save Lawrence without having to jump out of the closet. You still have to go to Lawrence's first, but don't tell him Faith is dead - instead imply that Faith has gone missing [half-truth]. (For me, this was the obvious tact since it let's you gauge his reactions.) Then when Dee shows up, just sit back and see what happens. (And here you get to see a genuine reaction from Dee too!)

      Personally I think it's the best choice since you get to see just a little bit more from both characters (which for me was enough to cross both off of the prime suspect list, although Dee is obviously guilty of other things) and best of all Lawrence lives.

      • Ah ok thanks. I figured that lil dialogue had an impact if he commits suicide or not i just wasn't really sure at the time.

  • i regret visiting the toads earlier than the prince.....!!

  • i regret nothing serious but being a dick to beast, with the silence option. Still hilarious tho

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