• And I thought I was going to have sex with Snow White :<

  • I regret going to Toad's first and I regret intimidating Toad instead of catching him in his lies. Obviously I had a second (not as canon :P) playthrough in the second save-file where I played the nice guy and rectified all of this.

    And then I had a mean guy play through, boy was that one fun.

  • There are so many decisions I couldn't help not doing several of them. I think the tearing of the arm won't have a huge effect in the next episode, especially if you went after Woody. I never changed the first and third chapters. The only thing I did regret was not talking to Snow White while I was at Toad's apartment. I always went to Lawrence first and saved him by chasing Dee.

  • I regret slapping toad when he was not telling the truth, i also regret hitting woody with a glass when he was talking about his past.

  • In my original play-through, I regretted not going to Lawrence's first when I discovered he was dead - even more so when I got to the end and discovered I could've saved him. I immediately started my replay, and am now pleased with my choices.

    I don't regret giving Faith the money - Even though she ends up dead regardless, I still think it was a good choice.

    I don't regret lying to Beast - I feel comfortable keeping Beauty's secret, even if I don't know what it is. I don't think she'd ever do anything to outrightly hurt him. Even if it is another Faith-Lawrence situation, I still think the right choice is be on her side.

    I don't regret not tearing out Grendel's Arm - He may be a dick, but I just didn't see why the fight needed to go there, especially since my dialogue choice we more indicative of just trying to ignore him and pursue the investigation with Woody.

    I don't regret going after Dee - Honestly? I never thought that Woody had anything he could tell me. At best, I thought he could maybe tell me something by accident, but I don't think he knows what is and isn't useful to my character in this investigation, and I don't think he'd tell me on purpose even if he could. Dee, on the other hand, i thought would be a much more promising well of knowledge. Not only did I not know why he was involved in this whole mess, but he seemed to be the better shot at catching my killer.

  • Scenario options that tie in are as follows: Going to Toad first and threaten him after choosing someone was attacked, reacting to lap-dog, tearing Gren's arm, going after Woody. Going to Lawrence first, saying that's not true to Gren and telling him not call Snow that, walking away, tell Woody "He started it" to his question on treatment, go after Dee.

  • I regret smashing a glass into the Woodsman's face thinking he was going to toast him. :/

  • i started to play on a virtual machine, so i can use snapshots and go back to try out every decision possible, derp

  • I regret not saving Lawrence.

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