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TWAU Episode Release Date Speculation

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Created this to share your peoples opinions on when you think the next episodes will come to us.
Here's my opinions:

    • Episode 2 - November 28th

    • Episode 3 - Janurary 5th

    • Episode 4 - March 10th

    • Episode 5 - June 1st
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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Mirror, mirror, man of peace,
    when's the date of the release.

    Oh, if we MUST. ;)


    Episode 2 - November 26th/27th
    Episode 3 - January 7th/8th
    Episode 4 - February 18th/19th
    Episode 5 - April 1st/2nd

    edit / disclaimer: Moderators on the Telltale forum are all volunteers from the community and still belong to the community. They are fans just like you. They are not employees of the company. Their posts express their personal opinion and must never be mistaken for official company statements. The moderators do not possess any relevant behind the scenes knowledge. They can make a good guess based on experience and knowledge of Telltale's past. I have NO IDEA when the episodes will actually come out, OK?!?

    • THANK YOU!!!

      But wait.. I have to wait until NOVEMBER for episode 2!?! :'(

      • Uh, yeah. That's kinda how Telltale works.

        And you know that's not an official release schedule, right? Just in case people aren't clear on that.

      • There's only a couple of weeks left in October, so it's a good bet they won't get the episode out this month.

        November 28 is a holiday in the U.S., so they'll probably want to get it out before then.

        Some people like to take the whole week off for that holiday. So I'm betting they'll get it out November 22.

        Then maybe December 20 for episode 3, just to get something out before Christmas.

        January 24 for episode 4.

        February 28 for episode 5, so they can say they got it done in February. :)

        This all being sheer speculation, of course, as every other entry in this thread will be.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          This all being sheer speculation, of course, as every other entry in this thread will be.

          We should all constantly repeat this as some kind of mantra here. ;)

          You're giving Telltale a really tight schedule with these dates, they've never managed it quite that quickly when X-mas interrupted the episode spree. But I applaud your optimism!! ;)

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