• I totally agree with you, OP.

    As a Fables reader, I have another weird observation. I kind of wish that the protagonist was an original character instead of Bigby. In TWD, I felt immersed because I felt like I was shaping Lee's personality. In TWAU, when faced with a decision, I find myself imagining what Bigby would say in the comics and choosing accordingly. I'm in control of Bigby, but I don't feel like I'm shaping his character like I felt like with Lee.

    • I really agree! While I find the gameplay (fight scenes especially) a serious step up from TWD I feel a little detached as I know Bigby so well. But I'm sure Telltale have a few tricks up their sleeve with this narrative in the upcoming episodes :)

  • I get your point but what else could they have done that wouldn't mess with the continuity of the comics that are still going on? The only thing is follow characters that have no story in the comics. I prefer this. I might already know some things that are going to happen but that doesn't make the ride any less fun for me.

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    While death of certain characters that we know are alive in the comics will be predictable, everything else shouldn't be. A lot could have happened from that time to the time of the comics and people who fucked up badly or did things we had no idea about could have jumped into the positions they're in in the comics through various ways we might not expect.

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