• Sheesh, Grendel sure is a cutie (human and monster) but Bigby is also a good character. He's the "hard shell, soft core" type of guy. Perhaps even Grendel can help in the next episodes (for those who didn't rip off his arm :P). That'd be great.
    But seriously, they made almost every character likeable in one way or the other.

  • More and more Im loving Colin the pig. I hope we see more of him.

  • for me it has to be two: Bigby and mr. toad

  • yeah i do like where the story is going...!! Bigby, snow n Toad r clear cut favs but i like the look of Woodsman too :P

  • My favorite character has to be Bigby. Love him in the comics, love him in the game, its fun to play him regardless of the personality you go with: nice guy, sarcastic, complete asshole or even sociopathic and silent weirdo.

    My second favorite character is Grendel, I'm surprised a lot of people in this thread share the same opinion as I do. I just love his design, his voice actor (he has a really cool jerk voice) and I think he's completely justified in acting like a dick (although he certainly overdid it with the whole trying to kill the sheriff thing). Plus he's a badass

    My third favorite character is the Woodsman. He's a TERRIBLE human being and a very scummy person, but he's just living his life and got caught in this drama.

  • My obvious favortie is Bigby. He is the whole reason I went and found the comics and have begun reading them in earnest. His story, his voice, is by far the most interesting I've read in awhile.

    My second is a not-so-obvious choice - Holly the Bar Owner. I don't know her story, but from the little we've gleaned from Grendel, I think I'd like it. Also, her whole demeanor is a pretty great one - standoffish, but tongue-in-cheek dry humor. Just what I like in my Trolls.

    My third HAS to be Bufkin. I mean, really? Who doesn't like a drunk winged monkey with an expansive vocabulary?

  • I quite liked Faith ... which was unfortunate. I'm going to be trying hard not to get too attached to characters who don't show up in the comics but I suspect it's going to be hard to do :(

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