• Toads son is my favorite, he's cute. c:

  • Faith,Snow and Bigby.


    Right now, aside from Bigby for his (as someone mentioned) snark, I quite like Toad. He seems a jovial, hapless oaf - constant screw up, but he means well and does his best.

    I was legitimately disappointed when I responded to his call first, because I was starting to think the kid had been crying because Toad had been beating on him. Then when I found out the truth I felt guilty for suspecting that.

    I also like Woody, despite hating him at the beginning. He seems genuinely full of regret when you talk to him in the bar, and you get a sense that he has a lot of self-loathing issues. He thinks he's a bad guy, but I think he gives himself less credit than he deserves. All I could think when he explains his motives for saving Red was "If you're such a bad guy, why didn't you kill them, blame the wolf, and rob them anyway? Maybe you're not as awful as you think,"

  • My favorite characters so far are Bigby and Snow as well as Woody.

    Reason I like Bigby is I feel a bit confused like he is. Snow partly because she is Bigby's love as well as thinking like Bigby, and helping him along. Woody because he had a hard life and would explain why he ends up drinking. Really sad story with Woody.

    The ones I despise are Crane, Bluebeard, Tweedle Dee and Dum. And the rest I like to some point.

  • Colin has some good dialog. I enjoyed interacting with that character and hope to see his brothers in future episodes.

  • My fave character so far was Bigby and Faith. I liked Grendel but I didn't realize who he was until I read the Wiki. Even after he turned off his Glamour I didn't recognize him. I'll have to read up on Beowulf again to look at his description. Also, I want to know how Colin snuck off the Farm.

  • I have been a fan of the big bad wolf my whole life so when fables came out I of course checked it out hey my dogs names are bigby and beast

  • my favorite character was going to be faith until she was murdered, i do like the monkey a little, and prince Lawrence could turn out be pretty cool, if you had saved him, yet my favorite so far is probably bigby because i love the dark side of the big bad wolf

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