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Wolf among us Steam key

posted by Alaedrain on - Viewed by 1.1K users

Hi guys,

Somehow, I bought the full season under the assumption that it'd give me a key to activate on Steam... But yeah, now I remember that TTG does not outright give them away.

Is it possible to either get a steam key from you or a refund so I could get it from somewhere to activate it on Steam?

Thanks a lot, whatever the answer, I still love your games!

  • Same boat, I just figured I'd get one since back in the day they just kind of sent them out if you had bought S&M when it made it to Steam. Might be just a pre-order bonus though, which would be kinda lame. Almost every other indie I buy direct from always sends you a Steam key (as well as a DRM-free copy of the game, but whatever).

  • Yeah me too, I plan to buy the Game after the reading some Review, but now I can't buy the Game with both DRM-free and Steam Key in one purchase. The only way to do so is pre-order, but well...

    I'm not complain or anything, it just I love having both version for almost every Game so far, Steam for community / ease of access and DRM-free to bring everywhere and play. You guy still

  • Yeah, I did buy it through gamefly as I had a voucher only to remember there's no steam key. I get it that they offer drm free and all, but I enjoy having my library organized in one place. So +1 to having a steam key for it.

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