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I wonder how many models they are using.

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This might be peripheral but the game is just gorgeous but at times it feels empty. I am curious how many background models, i.e. pedestrians or cars, are there? I understand that the setting is in NY, the city that never sleeps, but at times I tend to notice three car models which are either civilian, police or taxi. Or the streets eerily deserted.

Is it because of the glamour?

  • Telltale's always had fairly limited resources (I don't mean this as an insult, mind you. In fact, it's amazing how much they've been able to do with so little). In the past they always got around the cost of models by only including as many characters as they needed. Despite Sam and Max being set in New York, the city streets are suspiciously empty. And Hill Valley's town square was suspiciously less busy in the Back to the Future games than it was in the movies.

    In The Walking Dead, the setting worked out in Telltale's favor. The population's supposed to be scarce, and they could just reuse template zombie models (with a few modifications each time to keep things unique) when the situation called for it. Here, of course, we're looking at a realistic (save the fairy tale characters, of course) New York City with no issues to bring down the population, so it's not a surprise if there's been some model-reusing. Still, the fact that you really have to keep an eye out to notice it at all means Telltale's doing a good job.

  • I wasn't really paying attention and I didn't notice a thing. So yeah, they must be doing alright :D

  • Well, it's still better than Tales of the Monkey Island, I guess. I love the game, but it's easy to see that except minor characters, the rest of them were using just two types of models over and over, with some slight changes in them like a different clothes and hairs. The Wolf Among Us maybe is not crowded, but every character so far is at least unique.... Well, not the Tweedles, of course.

  • Every model looked completely different in TWAU except Dee and Dum but that's because they are brothers haha. I'm glad they are using more unique models it's better

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    I only noticed the reused car models (and the ginger guy appearing three or so times, but perhaps that was on purpose.) Besides that, I'd say that Telltale has actually made some good strides with using a variety of background characters in their games ever since Walking Dead.

    On a somewhat related note, besides the obvious instances of model repetition like Monkey Island, I thought it was kind of funny for Back to the Future to reuse a single generic lady-in-blue background character across different eras in a game about time travel. Some people pointed this out around episode 1 (on other forums) and thought this was a future plot point but just turned out to be an oversight by Telltale.

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