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When is TWD 2 Coming?

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So when is Season 2 of The Walking Dead game being release?

  • there is no confirmed date but i'd imagine by at least December since they said that it'd be out this year.

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    Like Telltale would say:

    Pretty Soon

    But it WILL come in Q4 2013, but no clue when. Either late October, or early November. Worst case scenario December.

  • According to the Directors of The Wolf Among Us there will be Wolf Among Us one month then The Walking Dead Season 2.

  • if i had to take a realistic guess, i'd say we will get episode 1 in late december. but id like to think we will get it at the latest in mid november. i think that the bi-monthly release schedule of episodes ive heard that telltale was planning would fit, seeing as how they said they were going to run TWAU and TWD season 2 concurrently.

    • Late December is DEFINITELY not around the same time as TWAU. That's probably when TWAU episode 2 will be released. I'm guessing S2 debut episode is early November.

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        That's the spirit.

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        "Around the same time as" could mean at any point during the Season for Telltale's standards. However, since they've said Fall 2013 and it would otherwise be pointless to say "around the same time as" if they meant during the end, I'm thinking the launch taking place around episode 2 or 3 of The Wolf Among Us would be a safe bet.

        {Bracing for down votes because making a rational guess of a release date based on previous trends of how Telltale works makes me an "insecure Crap Among Us fanboiii," irregardless if said "fanboi" is a Walking Dead fan as well and honestly doesn't care which of the two comes first}

  • Who cares? Wolf Among Us! WOOO!

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      Who cares? Wolf Among Us! WOOO!

      I feel sorry for anyone who finds that game entertaining. I watched a playthrough of the 1st episode (like I'm going to pay money for a game that slowed down the release of TWD) and it was so bad... Boring, slow and laughable.

      Luckily for me, Beyond Two Souls is finally out...

      • Seriously? It's like the same game as TWD with different stuff in it.

      • When is the first debut of something not slow? Even A New Day was slow. But the good kind of slow. The first game has to be slow so it can introduce the characters at the right time. Think about A New Day, it was slow, and pretty much the whole episode is saving that a**hole that you hate's life(Larry). But it was done and it was made to perfection and is still good. And if you haven't played the game, you can't judge it.

      • Boring, slow and laughable.
        Luckily for me, Beyond Two Souls is finally out...

      • You call it boring, slow, and laughable; then you bring up Beyond: Two Souls?

      • I guess that by "like I'm going to pay money for a game that slowed down the release of TWD" you mean, i don't pay for my games and i download them from dubious websites.

        Edit- nvm my bad just read you watched a playthrough lol. eitherway don't you think you're being a bit harsh on something you haven't played?.

        Also what BlankcanvasDj said.

      • Olga, you make me miss Ehkay. He was nice, despite being against logic and reason.

      • There is enough place in my computer for the two games and so is there in my heart.I loved TWD when I first played it and couldn't wait for season 2.When I heard that Telltale was going to release TWAU I expected to be disappointed because I thought that nothing could be as goog as TWD.But when I played it I really lovedi t!It's very similar to TWD but yet very different.It turns out that I am now more excited for TWAU episode two than for TWD season 2.But it doesn't mean that I prefer it over the other.It's just that when you play an episode of a Telltale game you end up wanting to see what is going to happen next.I bet when I'll play the first episode of season 2 of TWD I 'll also be excited for the episode 2 because each game has a different impact on you and you always end up wanting more of it.In the end we'll have the entire season of both games.

  • As much as it pains me to say this, I think Telltale should change their mind and release episode 1 next year to have another shot at game of the year.

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    OlgaSedova BANNED

    Seriously? It's like the same game as TWD with different stuff in it.

    If you ignore the crappy writing, a storyline that makes no sense whatsoever, annoying and unlikeable characters, yeah it's the same game...

    Seriously, the only thing TWD and TWAU have in common are the graphics.

    • Are these not the same writers who did the Walking Dead Correct me if Im wrong but they didnt just get a new crop of writers for this game, did they?

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        No, they didn't. Jake and Sean left, and the same Jake and Sean have hired one (1) new writer for Season 2 these last months.

  • Well since they are working on TWAU right now I would think they will release it either on December or January-February.... Althought releasing it next Spring wouldn't be a bad idea....

    • They're not just working on TWAU. Seriously? Do you not know that the TWD is releasing around TWAU? Were you not informed that they are releasing concurrently? So you're basically saying 2-6 months is when you think S2 will be released? That's not even close. This is probably by far the dumbest comment i've ever heard..

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      Telltale have two big teams working on each game as we speak. The Walking Dead Season Two was confirmed by Telltale in July 2012, and they have been working on it till this very day. During various interviews Telltale have praised TWD S2, only giving us good news. During their last interview they stated TWD S2 is coming in the same 'zone' as TWAU. Telltale also confirmed TWD S2 and TWAU will run simultaneously. I'm almost 100% sure we'll see a TWD S2 next month.

      • I hope so. I was really hoping that they would release it the same day as S4 of the show, but whatever. TTG can take as long as they want as long as they release it. I'll just tied myself watching LPs and writing/reading fanfics.

    • Why the hell would they release it that late, TWD should come out early November and TWAU should come out mid November my opinion.

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