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Mac OS download availability notification

posted by vmarrero on - Viewed by 470 users

For those if us that are waiting for the Mac OS version of the game and already payed for the full season, will we receive an email notification that the game is available for download, or do we have to keep checking on the webpage?

  • Yes I would like to know too. I am extremely pissed off because I preordered the game and I was expecting to play it the day it came out. Now I have to wait a "few days" ... What the hell!

    Telltale should have already have the Mac version ready if they announced that it was coming out the same day as the PC. I am extremely frustrated!

  • Agreed, I would love a notification and a explanation for the delay.

  • I'm already checking the webpage a couple of times a day, but a notification would be nice.

    On the bright side, I got around to reading some of the comics, which will likely be beneficial when the game does come out.

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