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Ginger Guy Dilema [Pictures]

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Excuse me , but .... Wuuuut is going on , why is he there ? (In the Chasing-Dee scene)

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In case you don't recognize him , I'm talking about this guy : (Meeting him down the hallway with Snow)
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I managed to find our Ginger Buddy in another shot. Seems he's following Bigby everywhere. Do we need more evidence ?
As you can see he has the exact same Hairstyle , so our buddy was the Taxi Driver too.
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If you visited the forum lately , you'll know a lot of people have suspicions about this guy , and I agree. Now I'm not saying he's the killer , but he definitely has something to do with this whole thing , I'm telling you !

  • wow man i never even noticed that. Well spotted haha!

  • He was also walking away from Toad's apartment when you go to it the first time. In the right side of the screen

  • This guy is kind of suspicious but i think that the culprit would be someone you meet in the first episode and not see him until he reveals himself.

    on the other hand, you do meet him but you don't really talk to him. so that could mean that Telltale would've wanted you to notice him.

    Thanks HeartLocker. I didn't really notice him. The questions for this guy will probably not be answered in the third episode.(just sayin').

  • well spotted, that is very interesting. I don't know what is up with that guy.

  • Or maybe he's just a red herring.

    (Get it? Red hair... red herring!)

  • According to the comics,the boy who cried wolf is living in the seventh floor of the luxury appartments.If you add the crook symbol on his tie it's almost 100% sure that it's the ginger guy.But that doesn't prove that he's guilty or involved in the murders.But what would be the point of showing him so often if he wasn't going to be important at one point in the story ?

  • **In the picture of the gingerman in line for cranes office look at the man in front of him, look at his left leg... **

  • I think the ginger is the one who delivers the victims to Geppetto (the adversary) and make doppelgangers out of them killing the doppelgangers.

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