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And they still keep doing it..

posted by Niels BANNED on - Viewed by 1.8K users

First TWD and now this.. damn your guys are making some great games !

cant wait for next episodes and i hope this gets more seasons too ! F***** brilliant game !

  • I know right? Telltale had me full of excitement and amazement all the way through. and I've never read the fables series thus never had the chance to be a fan. Even if this game wasnt trying. it's made me a fan now! and I eagerly await the chance to get the comics and episode 2.

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      Niels BANNED

      yeah i know what you mean :)

      the only thing bad i have to say about this game is it's lenght.. it's too short... it makes me want to keep playing it even more and then finishes too soon :(

      • Really? I thought it was long enough. Defeintly longer than any walking dead episode they made. Even the first chapter was extremely long! It did leave me wanting ALOT more. But I'm surprised you found it short. Did you spend your time looking at everything etc or just rush through? I spent me time examining each item to see the comments etc. The choices where tough despite it not being a post-apocalyptic game.

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          Niels BANNED

          i ended it in like 3-4h.. .yes ofc i saw every item it was possible to see , question everything i could , etc.. kinda wanted to have maded other choices when i found out what happened next , but i dont care about keeping them to next episode . when the season is over i play it again xD

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        Profanity BANNED

        Problem with these relatively short episodes of games that put emphasis on choices is that when you finish the short episode - you want more of it, to find out more about the story, but all you've got laying around is that same episode and the only way to get more is to replay it with different choices, which in turn makes the choices you primarily made practically pointless, because now you're becoming this clairvoyant player that knows way too much and breaks all immersion.

        I guess a way to avoid that is self-control, but who can afford that.

  • I finished it in 113 minutes.

  • I recorded my blind playthrough and it took me 128 minutes!
    I loved this game.

  • It took me 2 and a half hours, or maybe even three I stopped paying attention the time at a point, and I agree this episode was ever bit as good as A New Day, which I found to be a amazing start to Walking Dead, I think they have made up for Jurassic Park at this point right?

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