Ouya release but no Wii U?

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Are you seriously releasing this game on Ouya and skipping Wii U? Thats what I read on the news anyway.

Fyi last I checked Ouya had an install base of 60-70k and Wii U is approaching 5 million this holiday. Why does telltale hate Nintendo so much?


  • Considering when Telltale first started developing for consoles, the Wii was the first one they went to, I'm guessing Telltale doesn't hate Nintendo.

    It is weird how they're ignoring the Wii U. It's somewhat understandable, since so far the Wii U has sold poorly, and developing a Wii U port of their games would most likely cost more than they'd make from it. But that justification went out the window as soon as they decided to bring TWD to Ouya. :P

  • Well I consider myself a Nintendo gamer first and foremost I have been for over twenty years, not changing that just because some devs don't support the platforms.

    Wii U is getting a ton of games from Nintendo and the indie community, alot more then Ouya.

  • They've got a huge season 2 announcement coming later this month, maybe they'll toss in an announcement of them jumping onto the Wii U. They sure seem to want to get TWD on anything that can play it... except Android devices.

  • I'm starting to have doubts that any of their games are going to come to Nintendo consoles which kind of sucks. I did buy the ones they released on the original Wii though. The Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and 360 and it has a fully interactive online store with no size limits like the Wii had. If nothing else ill continue supporting Wii U kickstarter games... meh

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