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Damn I automatically assumed I would get a steam key when I bought from GMG.

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Its my fault but usually in the past, telltale or gmg automatically gave steam codes for their games. I bought the game for $19 instead of $25 but if I had known I would have bought it for steam even for extra money.

  • exactly i did the same thing. i can't even log into the game at the moment

  • I did this exact thing, too. GMG has always given a Steam key in the past and I had no reason to assume it would be any different this time.

    Disappointed. =/

  • Really guys? I purchased Season 1 from GMG and they gave me steam key to activate it.

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      Macfly77 Moderator

      The first season does indeed come with a Steam key (and no Telltale activation key) when purchased from GMG, but as stated very clearly on the product page for the second season, "This game is delivered as a Telltale Games redemption code. Customers will require a free Telltale Games account to play."

      • I just bought on GMG after reading this. So I did the redemption on Telltale, and was expecting a steam key after that, but dont see where that is at?

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          Macfly77 Moderator

          There is currently no way to get both a Steam and a Telltale key. As posted above, according to GMG's product pages, they give you a Steam key for buying the first season (and / or 400 Days) from them and a Telltale redemption code for the second season.

          • I also just picked up this deal from GMG. My only concern is save game information being carried over from my Season 1 playthrough on my Steam account. Will I have to move my save file to another directory when Season 2 is installed or do we know yet?

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