The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found

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The following statements are just a theory. However , the evidence is so strong that it's very likely to be correct. By gathering clues hidden throughout the whole game , I believe we had found somebody involved in the murders. SPOILERS INVOLVED ! Proceed at your own risk !

If you visited the forum lately , you'll know there's a lot of controversy on The Red Head Guy. The following images show proof that he is following Bigby wherever he goes :

  1. Meeting him in the hallway , after Snow finds Faith's decapitated head : Alt text
  2. Why is he there ? While chasing Dee after going to Prince Lawrence : Alt text
  3. He is the Taxi Driver ?! close to the end of Episode 1 (also waiting in the line @ Business Office) : Alt text
  4. Walking around Woodsman's apartment , right after Bigby enters it (bottom right) : Alt text
  5. Taxi driver again , at the beginning of the game : Alt text

The fact that he is Following Bigby wherever he goes is very suspicious. However , we still need to figure why he would be following bigby and murder the ones he likes/loves , otherwise we can't accuse him.
In the following picture , we have a Close-Look at this Ginger's appearance (talking about the picture on the right) :
Alt text

If you look at his Tie , we can see it has Crooks on it. What kind of crooks ? A Shepherd's Crooks. The Boy Who Cried Wolf - a fable about a young shepherd who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his sheep. When the wolf actually does appear and he calls for help, the villagers do not trust the boy and the sheep are eaten by the wolf. -- If this is him , he's definitely trying to get revenge from Bigby. the guy is a taxi driver , which is the perfect cover for hiding in plain sight

I think it's pretty obvious that it's him. The evidence is not strong enough ? You have a point ... but lets check this : Episode 3 titled "A Crooked Mile" , Episode 4 titled "In Sheep's Clothing" , Episode 5 titled "Cry Wolf" .... "Cry Wolf" ! that sound pretty promising. "In sheep's clothing" ... I see a reference there.

So I think we solved this guy's identity , but now ... is he really The Killer ? Probably not ... Does he want revenge ? Definitely ... but he's most probably just a tool. Somebody is using him for a greater , unknown cause.
The real reason for all this mystery ? We can't say for sure yet ... Maybe revenge , maybe destruction (trying to awake Bigby's werewolf form) , maybe someone tries to take Bigby's place as a Sheriff , or a theory I really like : Somebody got tired of seeing The Fables live miserably and wants to free them , and so he's using Bigby for a greater plan (probably involves bigby getting in werewolf form , killing everyone and so The Fables can take over the human race .. yaaay).

Edit : An interesting thing has just crossed my mind :) SPOILER : Contains the ending of Episode 1 !!

Snow was last seen in the taxi right ? And she was supposed to head straight home .
So there was no place where she could've been killed except In , or Around the taxi. We also know the Ginger Guy is the taxi driver .... so I guess that adds up to his profile.

For now I believe we got a pretty solid "evidence" ... I mean really , you can't tell me this guy is just randomly following you everywhere and has nothing to do with the murders. Hopefully , as the following episodes get released we'll be able to dig more of the story ! Until now , that's about all we have ... or is it ? xD

(Thanks to @DomeWing333, @thestalkinghead, @Omid, @fenrod, @magodesky, @RipRulesYou , @Taller Ghost Walt , @Stanley Chipman and others for greatly showing contribution to this "investigation" , as well as the whole Telltale community : )*



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    You're a genius

  • Good investigative work there. It could also be proof that he is Bigbys' regular taxi driver :), why doesn't the sheriff of Fabletown have his own car?........oh wait, dogs can't drive.

  • I think you're spot-on about his identity and him being involved. I'm not convinced he's the killer, though. Or if he is, I'm not sure revenge against Bigby is his motivation. Even for a Fable, that seems like kind of a weak reason to go on a killing spree. Then again, it would fit in with the conversation you have with Colin about how everyone's slates are wiped clean but their memories aren't.

    One thing, though - wouldn't Bigby recognize him?

  • I agree ,revenge is kind of a weird motivation - and yet , it happened in The Walking Dead (the guy who kidnapped Clem) He definitely doesn't look like a killer , but he must have something to do with it - maybe he's not the killer ... maybe somebody is using him as a tool (and he agrees ,thinking he'll get revenge)

    And no , I doubt bigby would recognize him , at least not yet (since the two of them didn't really interact much). In "The boy who cried wolf" , he was less that 10 years old. Here I'd say he's about 20-25. Puberty changes a lot of things hehe

  • True, but the guy in TWD snapped and got revenge because his wife and kid were killed. TBWCW just got some sheep killed and lost the trust of the townspeople (by his own doing, no less). It's a long way from that to going on a decapitation spree. I guess it's possible that the townspeople did some horrible things to him after he got all their sheep killed. That wouldn't be out of character in a Fables story.

    You're right, he's aged a lot since Bigby first saw him, but I would think, as Sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby would be familiar with most Fables (except the really vague ones like Faith), especially the ones who lived in the Woodlands and that he had personal history with. But then, I guess there's nothing to say he didn't recognize the boy in the hallway, he just had no reason to suspect him.

  • Good catch, I don't think he is the killer, but there is no way he has nothing to do with this.

  • WOW. Ladies and gentlemen, I think HeartLocker's cracked the case to a degree. All we need now is a motive and we're all set!

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    Well done putting it together, but how about a little credit where credit is due? ;)

    You were the one who picked him out as a character of interest. @thestalkinghead was the one who identified him as the shepard boy who cried wolf. @magodesky was the one who noticed the trend with the episode titles. And I was the one who suggested that the ultimate goal was to get the town to distrust Bigsby for making false accusations, pin something on him, and have him thrown in the Witching Well.

  • I'm a selfish greedy man I'm sorry =)) Ok I'll update my post and give you guys credit.

  • Well it goes to show, even after the forum changed for the worse, we still can think together as a community for the better, so I guess that means Huff Puff cigarettes and Parsecs Whiskey for all!

  • Ha, no worries. You were the one who got the ball rolling. And now that everything's been complied in this thread, we have a solid story to go on.

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    Pretty clever, but what bothers me is that Bigby is supposed to be specifically the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, while the wolf in The Boy Who Cried Wolf was just a... wolf.

    He also doesn't seem to be wearing the pants that would match the teared off bit meaning that he probably didn't kill shit. Not himself at least.

  • Good point, but then again the wolf who blew down the three little pigs house was not the one who chased Red Riding Hood right?

  • I think that's a very good theory. There's no boy who cried wolf as far as I know from the comics but I could easily see him being added in here.

  • Bigby is the same wolf. He admitted to doing both.

  • Though Red Riding Hood and Three Pigs have almost humanized wolves (talking to pigs, blowing down houses, pretending to be grandma) while the wolf from crying boy was just a simple wolf.

    But I guess not, so it seems that Bigby was THE wolf of Fables.

  • There must be a deeper net of shit happening, though, developers must have known that people would find this, the internet usually does.

  • Well, in the Fables universe several of the characters are understood to be the ones who appeared in many different stories. Bigby, for instance, is the Big Bad Wolf in just about every old story that includes a wolf. Likewise, in the comics there is a witch who is the same witch from many stories, she is Hansel and Gretel's witch, she is the witch who placed the curse on the Frog Prince, etc. Or you get Jack who is Jack from several stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack the Giant Killer, and so on. So, it's possible in this universe.

    I don't know that I'm convinced the red haired man did it all, but he definitely seems involved. I think that a lot of us put our heads together and came up with a pretty decent theory on his identity, but I still have some questions as to why he would do this.

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    About that piece of clothing Bigby found ... I've actually checked to see if the color matches Ginger's shirt and ... well , both are Light-Blueish , but you can't tell for sure , because it's very dark outside where bigby fond the clothing (so the color looks pale) However ... they don't look the same color.

  • Agree ... the more I think about it , the more I realize he probably didn't kill anybody. I start thinking somebody is using him as a tool ... and of course , he agrees , because he wants his piece of revenge too.

  • Yeah I like it, can't find much to disprove it far as I can tell, you people really did your homework.

  • "Fabric... looks like jeans."

    That kind of fabric is usually either from pants or jackets and I don't think the shirt gingerman is wearing looks like jeans.

  • Oh there's no doubt about that. We know that powerful magic is involved, which I'm not sure is quite up the Shepard's alley. He's probably the main schemer but he might be teaming up with a witch. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a whole gang involved with trying to get Bigby ousted as sheriff.

  • i am so happy someone else seen him, I noticed those exact same things.

  • I can't believe I did not think of that, I remembered seeing him twice, I guess I don't really pay attention as much as I should.

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    Just crossed my mind. Snow was last seen in the taxi right ? And she was supposed to head straight home .

    So there was no place where she could've been killed except In , or Around the taxi. We also know the ginger guy is the taxi driver .... evidence is getting stronger and stronger.

  • I'd like to say you're wrong but I can't. Smart. Did you really have to post it? Maybe you've ruined the series. Hunger for attention or something?

  • I've thought about it ... I'm a terrible person I know ... But teh world has to gnaaaw !

  • Another reason I like this theory is that it helps a lot in explaining the ending of Episode 1.

    As many people on the forum have pointed out, Snow White is alive in the comics. So we know that either she's not really dead or she comes back before the end. The Boy Who Cried Wolf is all about someone stirring up false panics. If this is our guy, it could well be that he faked Faith's and Snow's deaths. That could also explain why the magic mirror wasn't able to show Faith when Bigby asks even though she's just supposed to be dead. He could be hiding Faith somehow to keep tricking everyone into thinking that she's really dead. It would also explain why he'd leave the heads outside the Woodlands for everyone to find. How better to get people riled up?

  • Agree , this could also be happening. After all ... the fact that Mirror didn't show Faith (even tho she was dead) is pretty unusual too , so what you say could be correct.

  • Absolutely loving this thread and the sheer fact that episode 1 has already created this investigative thought and I have no doubt that there is a lot of truth in these theories but if/when they turn out to be true, I know it will not spoil the rest of the story for me. And at the end of the day, this thread rightly has spoiler alert on it and it's my choice to read it.

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    very good summary of the redhead guy investigation, "go team internet!" *high five

    and thanks for the credit :)

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    maybe the red haired stranger could be a "red herring". Is it possible that there is more than one organization investigating this murder case? When I see the shepherd's crook I think of someone looking out for the community ( like a shepherd who looks after his sheep), could the red haired stranger be a part of an secret organization or an agency not of this world, but of the Fable's world. As stated by Snow; Fables are able to sneak into the mundy world without going through the proper channels. Maybe the killer escaped to the Mundy world and the red haired stranger gave chase which is why we see him throughout episode 1. If he was the boy who cried wolf wouldn't Bigby know it was him? Since they've interacted with one another and the fact that Bigby is a wolf ( who's sense of smell is very acute) wouldn't he remember the dude's scent? Also when he greets Snow and Bigby they don't act like they know him.

    Also the titles of 2 of the 5 episodes suggest there is some deception involved maybe suggesting someone who we think is good in Fabletown is actually a vile villain ... as stated by Colin "Everyone has a clean slate in Fabletown", maybe the titles aren't suggesting someone in Bigby's past has been corrupted but gather the circle of people Bigby interacts with on a normal basis. It would give me more of a sense of betrayal and anger rather than having someone that has no connection two Bigby in Fabletown.

    I know the theory is out there, but I can't just pin it on the "RHS" because there is no evidence outside of him being near the areas of investigation.

  • Maybe Telltale is messing with us by putting this guy everywhere, I have been looking at the titles for the episode names, Crooked Mile, like the nurses rhyme?

  • Telltale knows how much we obsess over this stuff in the forums in between games. Hell, when the very first season of Sam & Max came out, people were figuring out the identity of the bad guy from the colors of the opening credits. Surely they'd know if they put the killer in the background three or four times in Episode 1, we'd notice. There has to be more to it.

  • Pretty much, that is the way everything goes, some theory's are crazy, and some make a lot of sense, but there is never enough proof until a certain point, I remember back in October when everyone was trying to figure out the identity of the radio guy in Walking Dead, and no one guessed it right.

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    Haven't thought about that. Well the main fact that makes me pretty convinced the ginger guy is a villain is that episode 5 is titled "Cry Wolf" , which kind of means revenge : "It's Bigby's time to cry wolf now!" , so the shepherd wants revenge and he's gonna do the same thing as bigby did in the past to him.

    And you said Bigby should also recognize him ... well I doubt it , since the boy in The Boy Who Cried Wolf was less then 10 years old really , while our Ginger Guy is now 20-25. It's kind of hard to recognize , especially since the two of them haven't exactly interacted much.

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    Another interesting picture @Stanley Chipman provided , shows the Redhead Guy around Bigby again (at the beginning of the game) :

    Alt text

    Apparently this guy really is everywhere ... however he might indeed be a taxi driver , yet that doesn't change the fact that he's following Bigby everywhere..

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    Firstly... Change that damn topic title! May be here both people who didn't play the game yet or just doesn't want to know.

    Secondly: Still, I really doubt if boy who cried wolf is a morderer here. It wouldn't be right with the comics. Just short dialogue:

    Bigby: You're lying now, because you always lie

    Jack: Not this time!

    Snow White: Jack, did you ever hear about the boy who cried wolf?

    Jack: Sure, he lives up on the seventh floor. So what?

    Snow White: Never mind.

    If he was a morderer, would he just live up in Woodland like nothing happened? I doubt it. Maybe this red-haired character is a boy who cried wolf, but I don't think he's the murderer at the same time then. Maybe - funny idea - he's fighting an old habit and follows Bigby just to be at the right time when he will be doing bad things (and after lose of his sheeps he's just sure Bigby WILL do some nasty things, sooner or later) and then cry WOLF! WOLF!, instead of crying it out of nowhere? ;P

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    Agreed on the topic title change.

    As for the quote from the comics, it could have just been a throwaway joke by Jack. And he apparently lies a lot so there's that.

    If Jack was being earnest, though, this could mean that maybe the aspects of the crimes that the Shepard was involved in wasn't severe enough to cause him to be sent away. Someone might be manipulating him, using his past with Bigby to get him to do whatever he's doing. If he's not the ultimate mastermind behind everything and if he wasn't directly involved in the murders/kidnappings, then they might not be able to pin anything major on him by the end of the game so he might just get away with what he did.

    Or we could be totally wrong. Always a possibility. :P

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