• Later in an interview we hear that the red hair guy is just a random fella using the same skin rather then making new ones.

  • I think that the dude follows Bigby around everywhere because Crane hired him, but not just any dude. The Tweedles, I mean I'm assuming it could make sense since even at the apartments (Lawrences) they run into him, but when Dee needed help he's Dum appears. It could also be that Dum is the driver and every time Bigby gives him a location, he tells Dee where he Is heading to (just a theory)

    • Very possible red head is cranes spy to watch Bigby's every move. The Tweedles are always together at a location, though they separate to accomplish tasks within the area. They both busted in on Toad one through the window the other through the door, then one went upstairs to search the Woodsman's place while the other interrogated Toad. Also, I thought it interesting how they claim they're investigators, but Toad says they're butchers, and Bigby takes out a Sandwich shop card from Dees's pocket. They're clearly hired by someone to find whatever they think the Woodsman had at his apartment, that they then believed would be at Lawrences, as they mention there next destination to Toad. When Lawrence has Dee at gunpoint he seems to be unaware of Faith at all, suggesting that the object being searched for an Faith's murder could be unrelated. My theory regarding Faith, is that Lawrence pimped her out to this Georgie, to pay off a debt he could not afford, him killing himself was his attempt at trying to get her out of her servitude, although Georgie would probably keep her goin till he's paid anyway. Killings are probably a violent protest against the Fabletown government by some lunatic, targeting Crane which is why the severed heads and the reason for their placement on the administrations doorstep. Perhaps the killer or who ever hired him is goin to attempt to run for office, and wants to damage King Cole and his subordinates beforehand.

  • They talk about the Boy who cried wolf in the comics, when Jack tries to tell Bigby and Snow about something dangerous encroaching on fable town.
    Snow: "Jack have you ever heard about the boy who cried wolf?"

    Jack: "Sure he lives on the sixth floor?"

    Bigby: Faceplam

    It could be possible that the red head with the crooks on the tie is the Boy who cried wolf, but if he is the killer why is he still living in the woodlands in the comics? I think they would have chucked him down the witching well… Unless he is "Peter..." a different fable that survived a confrontation with Bigby in the past… Or just another theory if this crook'd tie man is the the boy cried wolf and even the killer (sappy and going out on a lim) Bigby gives him a second chance, forgives him, forgets the past. Because deep down thats what Bigby in the game really wants
    (that and Snow White <3)

  • Great work, I didn't even notice him in the cab during my game. I know he is involved but he is merely a pawn in this mystery, doing the grunt work, placing the heads, abducting Faith & Snow. My theory is that someone very wealthy or a magic user is the puppet master, as they would need magic to place the code of silence spell on Faith, so strong that it even clouds the mirrors vision, and however they created the phony heads, whether by illusion or cloning I don't know because Snow is NOT dead it is impossible.

  • Even if Snow White really did get her head cut of and she's dead now does not mean she will stay that way she is a very popular fable among the mundies so she will come back fables are hard to kill and are even harder to stay dead

    • True but they're not that tough, they need to heal like any mundy and can even suffer permanent side effects, they're not invincible & a decap has killed other Fables in comics jus as popular.

  • Jack in the comic fairest who is not even that popular got about half of his neck bit off and drained of his blood and was almost instantly healed the woodsman had a axe wedged into his brain and was able to get up and go Prince Charming was burned alice and blown up and is now alive in two different forms now maybe goldielocks had a hatchet in the head and was still ready to fight until she got ran over by a semi but yes they are not invincible BUT the popular ones do not stay dead

    • Jack is more popular than ever thanx to his Hollywood production scheme, but his head was never separated from his body & brain deprived of oxygen for an extended period. And if u recall what happened to Snow in the comics, which was not as bad as a decap, and she struggled greatly to survive now living with permanent side effects. Charming is an example to my point really, as he never returned to the way he was as Snow needs to for the fables canon to remain intact. The others are wounds that took them time to recover, but a decap is not something even a Fable can shrug off without a miracle. I really hope the explanation of how she is alive is a good one.

      • What do u mean charming never returned he was in perfect shape in fairest until one of his eyes was ripped out and snow does not really need her cane anymore my point is that popular fables come back from the dead it's even stated in the comic but if faith really is dead I not suspect her to come back because she was not that popular maybe it has some something to do with ur name maybe he is cooking up some blue fairy specials

        • Your strengthening my point regarding Snow yet again, Charming is far more popular than Snow, she is in only one story, and ya she doesn't need her cane after 10 years of recovery. She got her head cut off man, cmon you really think shes gonna get up and put it back on again? The only Fable I can think of that may be able to pull that off is Frau Totenkinder who has died various ways and has always returned, yet she is one of the most powerful magic users there is, my point is Snow ain't that popular her slim survival within the comics proves this which is why I am so convinced that it is a dupe or clone.

          • I think that u are under estimating snows popularity she has been in more than one fable she has been in three two with her sister and one with charming , but like I said not every fable is able to come back from the dead there is no set way to die it does it does not matter how they just kinda get reseted like we have seen in the comic already and who knows maybe the bodies that we have seen are copies made by the adversary with help from the blue fairy potion

          • Charming does appear more times in tales than Snow and all of them are well known. Snow is in at least 2 tales, one that we all know (with the apple from her aunt/stepmother) and one that is not so well known (with her sister, Rose Red). In addition going by the comics Snow is the daughter of a witch and wizard, and knows it. Also Frau was weaker than Baba Yaga and ends up being more powerful in the mundane world. There are too many ways Snow could revive, from the gatekeeper of the Woodlands or Ozma teaching her the magic needed to revive. Rose Red mentioned that she would die if she was shot in the head but not Snow.

  • I never said that snow was as popular as charming but she is still popular and I forgot how bad jack got messed up by the kitsune he was half skeleton then pop he was back to life and fau even said that she might of had been stronger than baba in the homelands that was such a good fight that u barely see in king Coles glasses and the aftermath with baba sitting there thinking well that sucked

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