• Dude,i was thinking the exact same thing when he made his random appeareances.I agree with the fact that he is the Shepherd and that he is the guy who physically does the murders,but revenge is not the case.The Shepherd is in an alliance with someone else(possibly the pimp)for a higher power.I think that guy is Bluebeard,who wants to create enough chaos so that Icabod can lose his place and he can become Mayor(as seen in the photo of episode 4) So the deal was that the pimp would provide a victim,who wasnt doing her job good enough(a spare)like Faith and the Shepherd will kill her,as for Snow I believe it is just out of pure hatred and she was the one who controls Bigby(all of us are looking forward to torture Dee/Woodsman)So yeah,that is my theory.And its just that a theory.I hope in the summer i can say I told you so

    • Well the things is : we know that The Boy Who Cried Wolf is still living in Fabletown in the comics (which are a sequel to the game) , and if he was indeed the killer they would've kicked him out.
      So I don't think he's the killer , but he must be connected to the murders in some way. Either that , or Telltale is messing with us :D

  • I don't know if its bonus art work or not but at the check out screen before u pay there is a pic on the bottom of the screen with bigby yelling at crane across his desk and Snow sitting at her desk behind cranes and bufkin flying away in the top left corner. Maybe this is a scene from a future episode which would mean snow is not dead.

    • I have a feeling that by the end of the game Crane gets fired based on the temperature mentioned in the weather forecast, and Toad said that a couple nights ago it was cold.

  • I don't know about this is important, but maybe?
    If you define Faith, it means: confidence or trust in a person...


  • I think this Shepard guy is just a scout or spy for some organization or someone nothing more

  • Episode 2 is left 4 dead

  • I admit I haven't read the whole thread, but some pretty interesting reading. Has anyone brought up the killer's modus operandi? Although a pretty simplistic link, it fits one of the Fables perfectly. If when more Fables die they're all women, I think it's clear who the killer is emulating (assuming they're copycat murders).

    In the meanwhile, I really like the they're not dead, it's the little boy crying wolf theory. But why cry wolf in this way?

    • I don't think they are..

      The mirror shows the old king...dead

      When asked to see faith "lips are sealed"... Someone's using magic on these women to stop them talking?

    • Yes , the killer's MO has been mentioned. Fables such as Headless Horseman , Bluebeard or The Queen of Hearts are also suspects. I only hope Episode 2 gets released faster so we can get more clues/theories ... it's been over 2 months since TT didn't give any info :(

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