The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found



  • Or he can be just tormented soul with mental obsession about wolves, what makes him watching Bigby's every step. Everything is possible.

  • Well, I DO remember at least one person guessing that it would be the guy who owned the "abandoned" vehicle in Ep2, so at least one person had it right.

  • I now believe that the ginger-boy has a crush on Bigby. Might make him a potential victim!

  • Well by that logic Bigby shouldn't be alive since Woody killed Bigby in the Fable nor should the Boy who cried wolf be alive because Bigby ate him.

    Cry Wolf could be telling us that Bigby and Co. know who the killer is, but whatever reason they don't have the evidence to nail him they try to tell other hey this is the person that's killing all these fables and they don't believe him because everybody thinks the killer is an upstanding person or it could be from that other world where all the fables live and Bigby and co are trying to warn everyone that whatever made the fables leave their world to begin with is coming here and the killer is just an harbinger of their destruction.

    There needs to be more evidence because you can take those titles anyway you like.

  • My god. That is genius i mean your theory is so good if telltale takes this down then your theory is right

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    For the sake of not splitting the conversation between two different threads, I'll recompile my dissenting arguments here.

    The way I see it, there are three huge problems with this Boy Who Cried Wolf Theory.

    1. Szczery made a great catch. The Boy Who Cried Wolf was mentioned by Snow and Jack in "March of the Wooden Soldiers" as living on the seventh floor of the Woodlands. If he had taken part in such gruesome crimes as we see in the game, it seems extremely doubtful that he'd still be living peacefully in Fabletown. So even if the red-headed guy is supposed to be the Boy Who Cried Wolf, he's not the killer. Either that, or this game has an extremely unsatisfying ending in which after the killer is revealed, he escapes any repercussions for his crimes.

    2. The red-headed guy's presence in the hallway when Bigby is chasing Dee is hugely problematic if his appearances are intended to indicate that he is following Bigby. That location had nothing to do with the investigation. It was just some random hallway that Bigby happened to chase Dee down. So he couldn't possibly have known that Bigby would be there. Had Bigby not caught Dee in Lawrence's apartment or if Dee had made a different turn trying to escape, then the red-headed guy would have missed Bigby completely.

    3. Bigby is shown in the comics as being extremely observant. While investigating the disappearance of a certain fable in "Legends in Exile," he notices all of the minor details that are wrong with the crime scene within a matter of minutes. If this is supposed to be the same guy following Bigby around all day, it's simply far too difficult to believe that Bigby wouldn't notice that he was being trailed. Especially given how obvious the guy is being about it.

    Unless someone can provide a reasonable explanation for those three problems, I think I have to stick with the theory that he's just some extra. It wouldn't be the first time that TellTale has cut corners when it comes to background characters after all.

    EDIT - Actually, I'm going to add a #4 to the list based on Piast's excellent catch below.

    1. When Bigby's cab pulls up to the bar at the beginning of the last chapter, there are two guys kneeling by a trash can. It's a little hard to see, but one of them looks like the RHG (and the other looks like Grendel). RHG couldn't be both there and driving the cab at the same time. Which would have to mean that not all of the appearances of RHG are supposed to be the same person.
  • A wizard did it.

    This is one of the few cases where that isn't a total cop-out..

    Seriously, though, the idea that Telltale would use his character model as an extra to "cut corners" is problematic itself because a lot of the scenes he was in didn't require an extra. Outside the mayors office, there were 3 people: Grendel, an unnamed extra, and the red-haired guy. If they wanted to cut corners, why not just take him out entirely? What does his presence add? When chasing Dee through the building, there was no reason for him to be there. A sofa fell against him. That's it. If he's not meant to add anything to the scene, why have him there at all?

    And Telltale doesn't really seem to have so much of a problem coming up with extra models that they would go through the trouble of showing the same one so many times. The Walking Dead zombies made sense since there were so many of them. This is one random dude. Did you see how many cop models there were at the end? If they went through the trouble of making all of those, why would they half-ass it on this guy?

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    Meanwhile, in Telltale...

    -I told you, you lazy dumbasses, to use more models! Now everybody is making theories on that!

    -We are sorry, boss... We thought....

    -I know what you thought! 'Nobody notices, nobody notices!' Well, nobody notices my ass! Now think again and find some way to come out with face from that!!

    -Well.... Maybe we'll really make him a murderer?

    -Pffff...... Fine.

  • Interesting theories but another reason we might be seeing Ginger Guy everywhere is because of cheap glamour spells. Toad was complaining how expensive and of poor quality the spells have become.

  • I like you theory, and can go with it a lot of the way, but my problem with it is: It this is a trick to get Bigby to "cry wolf" then snow has to be involved in framing him, or else how is she gonna return from the dead and say that she was never dead and it was all his fault? And the same with faith. So even though i agree that he plays a part, I think that declaring him as the killer is way too soon. Just look how many fable entries we still don't have, but nice to see I am not only one who tried looking through every little thing.

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    Guys, I dont know if someone has already mentioned it , but something really weird happens when Bigby and Snow arrive at the Bar to search for the Woodsman. That ginger dude can be seen near the man with the purple clothing, by some trash cans along with the guy Bigby fights with in the bar. But we know that the same guy is driving the taxi! See for yourself here, in 16:06

    What the hell is going on?

    1. the point is that no murders have happened, it is a trick to discredit Bigby
    2. that may have been an arranged meetup point, or merely the only coincidence so far
    3. the guy is a taxi driver (shepard) it is the perfect cover for hiding in plane sight

    obviously these are just theories and innocent until proven guilty and all, but i don't think he is the main villain he is just involved in the plot, and therefore he could easily be a free man later in the comics

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    Oh... You're right. There's Grendel too.

    Telltale. You're becoming lame with your 'character recycling' :(

  • It's a little hard to see, but I think you're right. That does look like him. So if he's there, he can't also be driving the cab. Which would seem to imply that the ginger guys are not all the same person. Good catch, Piast.

  • This is great evidence but it's telltale. They knew people would be talking about the boy. it's going to have a twist ending.It's someoneyou wouldn't suspect.

  • Very nice work and finding all those clues and the hooks on the tie i would never have spotted in a million years.

  • the point is that no murders have happened, it is a trick to discredit Bigby

    Even if no one actually died, faking someone's death in this manner is still a pretty serious offense. Not to mention the fact that now the mundie police are apparently getting involved, and that's a huge transgression in Fabletown. If this guy is involved in Faith's or Snow's disappearances in any way, even if only as an accomplice, there's no way he'd still be hanging out with all the other fables in the Woodlands like nothing had ever happened.

    Now, it may still be that he actually is the Boy Who Cried Wolf. But if that's the case, I don't think he had anything to do with the murders.

    that may have been an arranged meetup point, or merely the only coincidence so far

    An arranged meetup point with who? Dee? Dee doesn't seem terribly concerned with RHG when he passes him. I mean, he drops a sofa on the guy. And why would Dee run to his meetup point when he's trying to escape from Bigby and risk leading Bigby right to him? He's clearly more concerned with trying to get away from Bigby, not running to any particular location. Also, if RHG is involved, why would he arrange a meetup in the building right around the corner from one of the crime scenes? Wouldn't anywhere else in New York really be more subtle?

    If it's a coincidence, then that's just terrible writing on TellTale's part, and I'll be extremely disappointed with them. Besides, isn't the theory that this guy is following Bigby? So what, he follows Bigby in the morning, then decides to stop and go hang out at this building behind Lawrence's place, he happens to still run into Bigby anyway even though he wasn't trying, and then he goes right back to following Bigby to the Trip Trap? That's kind of a tough one to swallow.

    the guy is a taxi driver (shepard) it is the perfect cover for hiding in plane sight

    Admittedly, #3 is more subjective, but I just have trouble believing it. Bigby surely saw the guy when he was getting into the cab. He would have recognized him as the guy who's been trailing him all day.

    It would be like writing a Superman story in which Supes is foiled by a locked door. That would never happen because he's Superman. Superman can bust through any door. And Bigby notices things that the bad guys don't want him to notice. That's just part of the character.

    I mean, I'm not trying to be argumentative here. I actually kind of liked this theory myself. But any theory has to match the facts of the case, not the other way around. And so far, there are just too many points where this theory doesn't line up with what we know. I'm still open to the possibility. But these are some pretty serious problems, in my opinion, that would need to be explained somehow before I could go along with the BWCW Theory.

  • the facts are that the (presumed) boy who cried wolf shows up very often, obviously that could all just be a coincidence, but he has the motive to be convinced by the real criminal to be involved in a plot against Bigby, that doesn't mean he faked the murders himself or kidnaped the women himself, or if indeed they are real murders (unlikely) that doesn't mean he committed them, he may not have even delivered the heads, he is just a cog in the machine in the plot against bigby.

    i don't think he is the killer so i actually disagree with the title of this thread, but if i were bigby (which i am when i play) i would suspect he was involved but needed at least a little proof to act on it.

    maybe in future episodes Bigby will finally notice/acknowledge vocally that he shows up to often and interrogate him, and he will lie and lie until he finally tells the truth and he gets a lesser punishment for helping in the end

  • Well, maybe it wasn't just trust that he lost? Maybe he felt humiliated? Maybe there was something else (like in Woodsman story) that we don't know? And maybe he wasn't thinking that it's he's fault?

    And there is also a question if Bigby would recognize sheppard from good old days?

    We also shouldn't forget about Bigby's past - ha was doing pretty nasty things, so maybe this is somehow connected with his past? Or maybe it's not connected with Bigby but with someone else? Or it's a message to whole Fabletown community?

    Just a bunch of maybies:)

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    I'm not sure about the taxi driver, but he is walking around the Woodsman's apartment building right before Bigby enters it.
    (bottom right corner of the screen)

    Alt text

  • Ah yes. It makes perfect sense. Thats a very good theory!

  • It's great but your missing one tiny piece of evidence. That could change the whole case. The ripped jean piece the boy is not wearing this fabric in any of the shots. Therefore he could possible not be the killer.

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    I think many of you guys are missing the last fragment of my post. At the end , I admit that he is probably not the killer , but just one of the many people involved. If his identity is indeed "The boy who cried wolf" , then I can ensure you he wants revenge from Bigby , so therefore he will definitely help anybody that means to harm or scare Bigby.

    Also : Title Changed since you guys requested it , so that it doesn't spoil anything now

  • Hmm... another interesting catch. RHG is also seen driving Bigby's cab on the way to Woody's apartment building. If it's the same guy, he couldn't possibly be driving the cab and walking around outside the building at the same time.

    I hate to say it, guys, but this theory is looking weaker and weaker.

  • If his identity is indeed "The boy who cried wolf" , then I can ensure you he wants revenge from Bigby , so therefore he will definitely help anybody that means to harm or scare Bigby.

    That doesn't necessarily follow. For one thing, we don't know for sure that the wolf in his story is actually Bigby. And even if he is, that's not really much of a motive for him to get involved in what is either a series of grisly murders or, in the best case scenario, a horrible act of fraud. Half the fables in Fabletown have reasons not to like Bigby. Many of them were wronged by the Big Bad Wolf far worse than the Boy Who Cried Wolf. We're talking about people who lost homes and loved ones. But they're not all out for revenge. All the Boy Who Cried Wolf lost were some sheep and a bit of pride. Look at Colin. If anyone we've seen in the game so far has a reason to want to get back at Bigby, it's him. And yet, they're like pals now.

  • Seriously, though, the idea that Telltale would use his character model as an extra to "cut corners" is problematic itself because a lot of the scenes he was in didn't require an extra.

    You might be surprised at how much having even a single person in the background can change a scene from looking empty and lifeless to seeming natural.

    And Telltale doesn't really seem to have so much of a problem coming up with extra models that they would go through the trouble of showing the same one so many times.

    As you mention, there were the recycled zombies in The Walking Dead. Which, as you say, makes sense. You need a lot of zombies for a game like that, and chances are, most people aren't paying too much attention to what they look like. So you can get away with it.

    Also, didn't Tales of Monkey Island have like the same two pirates on every island? I know Sam & Max kind of got around the issue by having characters who did about 15 different jobs. And that works for a goofy cartoon setting. But for a gritty noir mystery like The Wolf Among Us, you need to be a little more realistic.

    I'm not criticizing Telltale for this. They make small episodic games. And they do it extremely well, so who really cares if they reuse some minor characters that aren't that important to the main game?

    Did you see how many cop models there were at the end? If they went through the trouble of making all of those, why would they half-ass it on this guy?

    That's a fair point. It could simply be because the cops were all standing next to each other. So they had to create different models for them, or else it would be ridiculously obvious that Bigby was standing behind five clones of the same character.

    It could also be that they created the cops first, and then development started falling behind schedule, so they just threw in the RHG model that they had finished everywhere they needed an extra just so they could get the first episode out.

    Of course, it's also entirely possible that RHG is just some inside joke at Telltale. Like how Doug from TWD was based on an actual guy named Doug on their IT team.

  • Maybe he changed his pants! :D
    I mean, if he injured himself while climbing up the fence,he probably headed back home and took care of his wound.And he must have been covered with blood,it would have been stupid on his part to just walk around in front of everyone with these signs.Maybe we are going to find the jeans if we go investigate his house in the next episodes if this theory proves to be right.

  • The problem with that would be that we see RHG both before and after Faith's head is placed in front of the Woodlands, and he's always wearing the same clothes. So unless he changed into some jeans just to drop off Faith's head and then immediately changed back into his regular brown slacks so he could run upstairs and continue following Bigby, that fabric ain't from RHG's pants.

    Now it is possible that the fabric and the blood on the fence are a bit of misdirection, and those things are actually unrelated to the murder. Could just be that someone hopped the fence for a totally different reason and cut himself on the point, and that person just had the misfortune of doing it on a night when someone else left a severed head on the building's doorstep.

  • This confirms that it's just some generic NPC. Guy couldn't possibly be walking on the street AND driving a taxi at the same time. This theory was already extremely silly to me.

  • I doubt that Gren being there is mere "recycling". They certainly meant to have him there to confront Bigby, giving Gren even more reasons to be pissed off at Bigby by the end of the episode.

  • Hopefully the murder mystery doesn't get dragged out for all 5 episodes.

  • Why do you say that? I rather assumed that the murder mystery was going to be the main season arc. But just because we may not find out who done it until Episode 4 or 5 doesn't mean there won't be plenty to keep us involved along the way. I'm sure Telltale will give us lots of great stuff to talk about with every episode.

  • Also people seem to be forgetting that the killer ripped his jeans and hurt himself trying hot a fence. When we first see the Red Haired Stranger he doesn't appear to have damaged his clothes or show signs of having an open wound ( remember at that time the blood trail was only a hour old)

  • I thought the blood was from the head?

  • There's no doubt that more interesting details about the murder are coming in the following episodes.

  • if it was there would be a trail beyond the fence ( going away from the apartment complex), it's more likely the killer hopped the fence and got caught on the spikes and hurt himself.

  • Okay here is something, why is it in the coming attractions for episode 2, and you grabbed the Woodsmen, he says its the woman with the coat? Beauty perhaps? I might be thinking to far into it.

  • Guys, didn't anyone notice the guy with the hat waiting in line for the office? He's wearing the same colour of jeans Bigby found and he has clearly patched up an injury there...

  • Are you serious? Wow. How did I miss that? Does he look like any specific Fable? Speaking of the jeans, it seems like no one really cares about that clue, or the injured leg. Did not many people investigate the area around Faith's head or something? I did. There's a lot of good evidence to find. Now we just need to look out for anyone with pale blue jeans and a leg gash.

  • Just look at the 4th picture posted in this thread and you'll spot him. :p

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