• Very nice work and finding all those clues and the hooks on the tie i would never have spotted in a million years.

  • Ah yes. It makes perfect sense. Thats a very good theory!

  • I think many of you guys are missing the last fragment of my post. At the end , I admit that he is probably not the killer , but just one of the many people involved. If his identity is indeed "The boy who cried wolf" , then I can ensure you he wants revenge from Bigby , so therefore he will definitely help anybody that means to harm or scare Bigby.

    Also : Title Changed since you guys requested it , so that it doesn't spoil anything now

    • If his identity is indeed "The boy who cried wolf" , then I can ensure you he wants revenge from Bigby , so therefore he will definitely help anybody that means to harm or scare Bigby.

      That doesn't necessarily follow. For one thing, we don't know for sure that the wolf in his story is actually Bigby. And even if he is, that's not really much of a motive for him to get involved in what is either a series of grisly murders or, in the best case scenario, a horrible act of fraud. Half the fables in Fabletown have reasons not to like Bigby. Many of them were wronged by the Big Bad Wolf far worse than the Boy Who Cried Wolf. We're talking about people who lost homes and loved ones. But they're not all out for revenge. All the Boy Who Cried Wolf lost were some sheep and a bit of pride. Look at Colin. If anyone we've seen in the game so far has a reason to want to get back at Bigby, it's him. And yet, they're like pals now.

  • Hopefully the murder mystery doesn't get dragged out for all 5 episodes.

    • Why do you say that? I rather assumed that the murder mystery was going to be the main season arc. But just because we may not find out who done it until Episode 4 or 5 doesn't mean there won't be plenty to keep us involved along the way. I'm sure Telltale will give us lots of great stuff to talk about with every episode.

    • There's no doubt that more interesting details about the murder are coming in the following episodes.

  • Okay here is something, why is it in the coming attractions for episode 2, and you grabbed the Woodsmen, he says its the woman with the coat? Beauty perhaps? I might be thinking to far into it.

  • Guys, didn't anyone notice the guy with the hat waiting in line for the office? He's wearing the same colour of jeans Bigby found and he has clearly patched up an injury there...

    • Are you serious? Wow. How did I miss that? Does he look like any specific Fable? Speaking of the jeans, it seems like no one really cares about that clue, or the injured leg. Did not many people investigate the area around Faith's head or something? I did. There's a lot of good evidence to find. Now we just need to look out for anyone with pale blue jeans and a leg gash.

      • Just look at the 4th picture posted in this thread and you'll spot him. :p

      • I did compare the piece of fabric and his jeans but the color is different. His jeans are light-brownish while the fabric is white.

        • I'm not talking about the ginger guy, but the guy with the hat. He's also waiting in line, right next to him.

          • I know, that is the guy I compared the piece of fabric with. His pants are light-brown while the fabric is pure white.

            • Playing the game I noticed that both his jeans and the fabric were light grey. Plus there's a patch over his jeans covering a stain that looks a lot like blood. .-.

              • strange, I analyzed a video on youtube since bigby goes too fast near him to compare the colors. I'll give you the links actually.

                The piece of fabric :

                Look at 20:40

                The jeans:

                look at 00:14. If you look closely and compare the colors of the jeans and the fabric in different tabs you'll see what I mean.

              • I just noticed that he's the only one to react to Bigby in a frightened manner.
                Grendel and RHG (or whatever his nickname is) both just look up as Bigby passes, while the third guy jumps a little bit.

                • He might be frightened from the past. We all know that Bigby was the big bad wolf in the past and Collins even tells him that some of the characters might not like him, to which he's replying: ''you keep order by being big and scary'' or something similar.

                  • Case solved. He was first in line and it was only an hour and a half till Snow White went into the main business office. The Boy that cried wolf right behind him and Grendel coming to talk about Holly's sister. He would have been scared of Bigby and Snow. Light blue jeans, hopped a fence, two blood scratches, two fence spikes covered in blood, Bigby smoked recently and if he smoked he can't smell anyone or anything but Snow White, he could have been first to collect money from Crane which would explain Bigby with him near the witching well, in the comics it was probably mentioned that Crane could survive the witching well. We know the mystery has to be solved way before the Bluebeard scene which reminds me of the first few chapters of the comic. Character: Peter from Peter and the Wolf.

    • I compared the two colors and they seem quite different ... the fabric is blue-ish , while the jeans are light-grey. Though I does look like he has a leg injury , and also something interesting : When Bigby passes the hallway , this guy makes a very nervous gesture , like he almost got scared (you can look it up on youtube)

  • Just like in Sherlock. No one ever suspects the Taxi driver.
    Good work Dr. Watson, you've cracked the case XD

  • You're on to something... I did notice it too but only the first two. But I don't think he could be the killer, he could be a spy and yes I think he might be the boy who cried wolf. We all don't know but this is the strongest lead we have. Expect the unexpected.

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