• I think the crook could well be the 'crooked man' both very sound ideas.

  • anyone else have suspicions that colin is involved? he was the one who said people dont forget, he isn't at the apartment when bigby wakes up, and after all, bigby ate his brothers. perfect motivation to toy with bigby and kill the people he loves. colin mentions how bigby looks at snow, as if bigby is in love with her. perhaps colin's glamour form is one of the ginger men? we never see the 2 of them together after all

    • I know I'm a party pooper, I'm sorry, but have to spoil your fun. Colin's brothers are alive, and honestly he's the most decent pig of those three.

      • Technically they're his cousins, but yes. Colin's a good pig. Relatively.

    • he was the straw house pig.

  • Very strong and well put-together case, but my skeptical side is saying he's just an easter egg character, or rather, just a character that pops up a lot because someone on the development team thought it'd be funny if he makes a bunch of appearances.

    • Maybe he's just a re-used asset for alot of things (Highly doubt it though) or he's working for someone trying to collect information, I also think he has connections with Ichabod.

      • Re-using is quite possible. I'm re-playing Back to the Future right know, and I've noticed what BlindSniper told in another thread. There's one re-used model of lady in few different times, like 1989 or 1934. That's kinda silly, right? SO maybe Telltale is making the same mistake here?

  • wait is alice in wonderland apart of fables? because the queen in that one always had an obsession with cutting peoples heads off.

  • So this guy is definitely involved in this somehow, no denying that.. We don't know much about him yet, but I was thinking and its possible that he lives in the apartment building. I took a screenshot of the board that lists the room numbers and the people who live in them. His name could be G. R.(appt205 hard to read name), I. Catcher, B. Blue, I Homer, or K. cole. As you can see B. beard(Blue Beard) also appears on the list, but thats another convo ;)

    Link to image: http://i.imgur.com/rmf0Vlj.png?1

    • And also in that scene, he picks up his name tag and puts it back up to his room number.. Why is his name on a nametag when everyone elses is printed? did he just move in? I really dont know, maybe its a stupid question thats already been answered.. but if anyone has any ideas please reply!

    • G. Rimble is Grimble, the security guard who sleeps all the time. F. Catcher is Flycatcher, the janitor of the building. B. Blue is Boy Blue and K. Cole is King Cole, neither of which can be him. I don't know who J. Homer is.

      If the red-haired man is, in fact, the boy who cried wolf, though, then it was mentioned in the comics that he lives on the 7th floor. There are two listings one the 7th floor: 701 and 702, both of which are private.

      • thanks for the answer, sorry i havent read the comics.. i plan to though!

    • Another thing to add is that after snow and bigby bump into the ginger, the ginger walks into the hall snow and bigby had just come from. But all the doors they had walked passed was bigbys secruity office, cranes business office, and a staff only door...

  • Bigby is a Killer !!!!!!! just think about it, this red head guy cries "the wolf is coming!!!" and nobody believed him and he cried again and again...and what we find out in the end??? that the Wolf really came, that he really was a threat... and maybe its the same now??? this guy is trying to warn everybody that wolf is coming, that he is dangerous, that he is monster who everybody is afraid of... the titles of next episodes, the pictures on them, and the name of the game... THE WOLF AMONG US... thats what this red head guy si trying to say, to warn us, we have a wolf among us, a true natural killer... a person who have last seen Faith and Snow and as in every single murder case, the killers in 90% are people who have seen the victim last... Bigby knew both girls, Bigby had a relationship with them... and Bigby is a Big Bad Wolf guys, and the key word is "BAD"... not good... BAD... think about it... "The Wolf Among Us"...

  • Does anyone else here feel absolutely terrible for having let Snow go with the taxi, now knowing the biggest suspect was the driver?

  • Well I don't get one thing , people made so many crazy theories about the red haired dude and even sayed they might be brothers but noone thought of him being a doppelganger .. I mean one of them is the real one but the other one is a doppelganger working for someone maybe or hes the real killer working by himself for unknown reasons yet. But yes I truly believe it has to do something with doppelgangers and so on .

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