The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found



  • 1) I recognized the Ginger guy while chasing Dee too, dismissed the thoughts of him because of the chase though. Now looking at the second screenshot what irritates me isn't just the fact he's actually in the building but his pose and look. Why is he cowering on the floor at all? Looks as if he's playing dead. What are your guesses?

    2) The theory of the Ginger having a twin brother and thus Dee and Dum being the ginger twins in glamour is a brilliant assumption.

  • That ginger freak so reminds me of the stranger from TWD

  • could be a red herring

  • There are 2 of them and both drive cabs, check the credits. 2 random brothers Bigby ate most likely. I doubt anyone of them is the boy that cried wolf, but were shepherds. The first guy in line looks similar to them.

  • he is a wild card he can just be the driver for them the taxi maybe a cover that is a fact for me but we do not know is he involved but the fact he was the last person with snow and can set a trap with the rest of them this my not just be one guy if there is one person im thinking of is blue beard he has something to do with it in the still e4 i think i see him be hide a desk this my be a power play

  • SON OF A BITCH!!!!!! Good work by you!

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    Rather than rate subjects by 'who done it' I'd rather go through them as 'how could they be involved?' - my ultimate suspicion is that this is a conspiracy rather than a singular criminal affair.

    1. Toad could possibly be involved in the whole mess, as it was his instigation that brought Bigby to the scene of the fight in the first place. Yeah, it makes sense, but if we go with the idea that this whole thing might be a set-up.. (my theory) then he could just be another cog in the wheel. Not likely a mastermind however.
    2. Bluebeard - Red Herring much? He has a known history of decapitating women (brides, albeit). Bigby has a known animosity towards him, and if you were going to set Bigby up for a fall, having him believe that the guy he's known to have a thing against is killing people (specifically, women close to him, even if only briefly) could set him off on a rampage that, when the dust clears, makes Bigby look like a failure or corrupt as a 'Sheriff'
    3. This guy -- is clearly involved. If he is the 'boy who cried wolf' then I wouldn't be surprised if he's helping the main antagonist either chose victims or set up Bigby. But I have a feeling he's more or less just the eyes and ears, not the brain, of the situation.
    4. The Pimp - Need more info. he's clearly involved in A conspiracy, something that is helping him recruit the likes of Faith and Beauty for his business, but is he the murderer? Again, not enough to go on so far. He is one of the most likely employers of the Tweedles, but only if they're not working for the murderer in my opinion.
    5. The Woodsman is a bit of a wildcard. While he clearly resents Bigby for various reasons, he seems to be just a bit of a drunken wretch all things considered. if this whole thing is NOT a conspiracy, then it makes some sense that he's involved. But I feel like he was obviously too drunk and/or brain damaged to have committed the first murder, so if anything he's probably just a complication in the whole thing.
    6. Bigby is known for eating his victims when he's goin' full wolf, and from what little we saw of him wolfing out in this episode, he doesn't seem to be one for the subtlety of placing a head carefully.
    7. The Tweedles are most likely working for the pimp, and their role in all of this is likely not directly tied to the murderer. They are likely working for the Pimp, sending them out to try to clean up evidence of whatever it is the Pimp was/is doing to control/manipulate the women he's got under his control (in this case, Faith). I think that's their angle in this.
    8. One of my two prime suspects. It could be that he is the one who is severing heads, but still not be the mastermind of the plan. See below for current theory.

    So what I'm looking at here goes pretty much like this. Fable women are somehow being manipulated or lured into service of the Pimp. This whole thing is scandalous as all hell, thus secrets and lies abound. Someone who understands/knows what's going on there knows that eventually Bigby will find out about it one way or another, so rather than just let the drama unfold, they decide to use this as an opportunity to get revenge on Bigby and/or make him lose his job as Sheriff. Faith is just a convenient lure, perhaps someone arranged Faith to be involved with The Woodsman, then making sure somehow that it became a 'situation' (possibly involving Toad). And it unfolds from there..

    Last point: I would like to find out more about what Crane is getting up to (and who's this woman he's visiting? Possibly one of The Pimp's girls, possibly a witch involved in the whole sceme?) and that will likely let us know if the Hessian is actually lurking around in the background. Crane might be the ringleader, or he might be a co-conspirator. Too many loose ends.

  • I don't think tods in it this is a way to get rid of cranes true enemy's snow and bigby and replace them with his guys likly Bluebeard I think I see him behind a desk in e4 title stil

  • He isn't a recycled NPC, Toad said that the price of glamour went up and the quality of glamour went down. The witches or witch that sell glamour are using the same look over and over again on different fables.

  • edit: read it elsewhere: red hair -ing


  • He is just a fill in character, they are just using the same character model. It shows him driving the cab in the start, the the driver drops off Bigby, once hes out and it shows the apartment, another man that looks just like him (the man driving the cap) is shown walking down the street. Sorry to say but this is all just programming, has nothing to do with the story.

  • Except for the fact that they talk in the game.

  • episode 2 cant come soon enough... my money is still on the Bigby theory though, as nobody has been able to point out a single flaw in it yet. Right now there isn't much real evidence for any theory yet through.

  • We will have to see if he is in episode 2 following Bigby all the time.

  • Hopefully if he does appear in episode 2, he'll be someone Bigby will track down and question. I don't know about you, but if I were doing detective work I'd track down the guy who was driving the victim's cab. He'd be one of the first people I'd talk to.

  • Awesome :O

  • While I was playing through the game I also noticed that ginger guy and I was telling my friend that this guy was possibly the killer but it's a little too early to tell. I think that throughout the game it'll make us think it's him but Telltale would probably through a curveball at the last second :P

  • Comic Book Spoilers

    Absoultely don't read this if you've never read the 1001 Night of Snowfall

    Can't be 7 Dwarves, sorry guys. They were taken care of sometime long ago before all the fables were exiled to the imaginary land of New York.

    My vote is till on the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I don't think he's necessarily the killer, but I'm fairly certain he's be a fairly key character to the storyline

  • Actually Snow White could be the killer! She could have faked her death and could be the ginger kid's boss! She was also the one to inform Bigby about the head, which she would be the perfect candidate for because Collin said "I see the way you look at Snow White!" so since she's the most unlikely to be the killer it's a perfect plan right under Bigby's nose! In the season 2 trailer Bigby is screaming at the Woodsman or Dee "Where is She!" so he could possibly know she's alive but most likely none of them will talk. It's a little farfetched but it could be true.

  • Poopbrown just poopedonWhite!!! but seriously that is plausible.

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    Really ? I mean REALLY or you just joking right ?

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    Has Comic Book Spoilers

    Well, even Totenkinder, who's name we Mundy's don't remember, didn't stop her from coming back from being burned alive in the oven. I'm not convinced it has just some Fable's popularity that is a factor in how hard it is to kill a Fable (something even which totenkinder discusses in one of the comics). I believe it's a mixture of being popular and a particular Fable's will to continue living, even through the most outrageous of deaths. Also, note it was most like a magical object that decapitated our fair maiden's head (no pun intended) - who's to say that it magical blade doesn't contain the ability to stop death from truly occurring?

    In the Poetic Edda about Mimir, his head continues to give council to Odin, despite decapitation. Also there are throughout many mythologies regarding decapitated individuals - the Beheaded Knight (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow, Medusa, Pluto (Mickey's dog's head is attachted to a chicken in The Mad Doctor), St. Denis (Christian Martyr), Anne Boleyn (spoken of to be screaming headless at her murderous husband King Henry the VIII), Madame Leota (a Disney Huanted Mansion Character who gives forth Oracle-like cryptic riddles), Loki (Norse mythology), The Pugot (Illocos mythology), Leviathan/Hydra (Greek Mythology) and more I'm sure I couldn't find on the nets.

    Who's to say there isn't a way to necessarily reattach or survive a beheading for a Fable?

  • Watch the spoilers, bro.

  • Note that these do not nessessarily reflect my personal opinion, just the opinion of many others that I have seen.

  • It's probrobly his shirt, but I would like to know how he managed to place the head there and walk inside casually before Snow could catch him.

  • Says Ichabod Crane.
    Anyway, they could both be twins. Know any red haired twins?

  • Frau Totenkinder was a magical witch, that's the explanation behind her being able to reform herself. Snow White is not a witch, she's a regular fable.

  • I hope that episode two is released on halloween. :p Then My friends and I could work it out together.

  • I think the Woodsman thought Faith was Red or something and that was why he was mad "she didn't recognize him."
    He saved her (Red) from the Wolf many years ago (and like he said in the bar he didn't get much reward from it) and now maybe he wanted a real "reward" or wanted to try to rob her (which apparently was his original intention in Little Red Riding Hood).

  • Has Comic Book Spoilers

    But that's never the explanation that she gives in the comic books. It has always been that she's uncertain how she managed to survive, but she's knows it has nothing to do with her popularity. Also, when she was stuck in the oven, she was incredibly weak. If she were going to die, then that would've been the best time for it.

    Also, Snow does manage to be revived in the comics after being shot in the head, but the belief there is that it's because of the popularity of her tale, but she doesn't completely heal. For most of the comics, you still see her using a cane to help her walk. If a fable's popularity is the key element of their immortality, I don't understand why she wouldn't heal entirely. I'm pretty sure it's a combo with their temperament and their Tale.

    Also, somebody else managed to find another story where Trusty John is capable of reviving someone who was decapitated - check it out here.

  • I knew it was Trusty John that I read.

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    if he is killing people to revange bigby..wich reason he had for killing faith? very nice theory tho

  • I like the game very much. But I don't think that the ginger is the real murder. I think it's one who never of one think that he was it. Maybe the frog or the pig :)

  • It also would be interessting where the missing body parts are and where the heads go to.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if the two murders wouldn't be done by the same killer. I mean , we already know Snow isn't truly dead (Since she's alive in the comics , which is a sequel to the game) , but that doesn't mean Faith is alive too.
    Maybe Faith is truly dead , while Snow is just a distraction ...

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    The heads are at Dr. Swineheart's>>>Alt text

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Bigby is having a nightmare and only Faith actually dies.

  • I think we should spoiler cross-game references. I have TWD and haven't gone through it. I'm just on here to talk about TWAU.

  • I'm amazed that you were able to identify this character the The Boy Who Cried Wolf. For a while there, I thought he was just an unidentifiable creeper, which led me to suspect him as the killer. I even had a theory that he was the "Wolf among us" (The title not referring to Bigby, but to the killer--Which I still think the title refers to). Now that I know who he is, I don't think he's the killer, but he's very much going to be a key player in Bigby's story here.

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