• I did think he had to be important when the camera focused on him in the hallway, but now that I think about it, he might be. Bigby has made a lot of enemies, maybe this is another one.

  • Love this theory! It didn't even enter my mind he could be more important than Eavesdropper #1.

  • Its seems as a very good theory, but the color of the ripped fabric found doesn't match the color of the pants he's always wearing. IDK it could still be him though

  • well, he solved it...maybe lmfao

  • I was late in getting this game and just finished it tonight. I noticed the red-head a couple of times, but never put anything together. What you guys have found in the past week is very impressive. I'm guessing he'll play a bigger part in the coming episodes, and is possibly working for the killer, but I'm not convinced he is the actual killer.

  • Good job explaining it. It felt like Unsolved Mystery's

  • i think its going to be either bigby, the mayor who icabod is covering for, or colin. i don't think it will be somebody as obvious as the ginger or the horseman. that would be much too easy. it's going to be somebody that nobody expects IMO.

    • That is the wolf man story. Full moon turns beast then wakes up forgetting the hole night before.... Bigby could be investigating a murder he did. But he was at the trip trap when snow was murder wasn't he?

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