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    Is this a joke?

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    No one was better than the other.

  • I love TWD, but the first episode of The Wolf Among Us was much better than the first episode of TWD imo.

    • I wouldn't say it was MUCH better than the first episode of TWD, it was just better. Perhaps what made the first episode of TWAU seem better than ep 1 of TWD was the cliffhanger ending. Both episodes were great in their own ways and both are pretty memorable.

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        I'd say that Wolf Among Us Episode 1 was more polished and had more variety in game play than Walking Dead Episode 1, but that being said Wolf Among Us largely benefitted from Telltale having the knowledge and experience of what made Walking Dead work under their belt. By TWAU Episode 1, Telltale got to implement and improve upon an already tested and successful format rather than finding their footing like in TWD Episode 1.

        Saying that only the cliffhanger made TWAU Episode 1 better isn't giving the game much credit, but that's ok, because as I said earlier Wolf Among Us gets a huge foot up anyways from improving upon and adding to the Walking Dead gameplay,

  • I love TWD, but the first episode of The Wolf Among Us was much better than the first episode of TWD imo.

    I agree with this!

  • TWD of course

  • Honestly TWAU came with strong writing for a thrilling, action-packed first episode and TWD is second of course.
    I have to agree with @roco300 and @Davisx3m
    TWAU, in my opinion impressed me greatly with it's character development and delivered a strong opening.
    But, honestly...they are two completely different things so you can't compare that much.

  • TWAU is a good way to pass the time while we wait for TWD. but in my opinion, TWD is much better.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Well, I'm going to say The Walking Dead created The Wolf Among Us. We should always respect our elders so I'm going for TWD in respect. I'm NOT saying The Wolf Among Us is a bad game, I loved every second of it.

  • I think TWAU improved on a lot of things. I still love both games, TWD especially for introducing me to this type of game in the first place.

  • Both were great. But they went into different Directions already. Wolf is more like classic Point and Click Adventures with the criminalistic Aspects. Really like this Setting.

    They very different and unique in their own Ways. Can't say which is better. More Episodes of Wolf will maybe show it.

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