Fables you want to make an appearance

Is there any Fable in particular that you want to have some appearance in The Wolf Among Us? I for one would like to see the Headless Horsemen in some capacity, but who do you want to show up?



  • I was kind of hoping Jack might make an appearance since it's a prequel. It's been a while since we've seen Jack in Fabletown. Oh well. Maybe he'll be in a later episode?

  • Pinocchio but he'd have to be really evil like chucky.

  • I would like to see the badger that's next to toad in the book! He seems like he would be a funny character! I'd also like to see Cinderella, or the Headless Horseman as you already suggested

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    I definitely want to see Jack, Boy Blue, Rose Red and Pinocchio and Flycatcher of course.

  • Jack, Cindy, Boy Blue, Flycatcher, and Rose. Frau Totenkinder would be interesting too.

  • Nah, Pinocchio's good people. More or less.

  • Goldilocks, maybe? I guess she couldn't be a full blown antagonist or anything, but would be cool.

  • When I first heard about the game, I was hoping for this to be Cindy centric and maybe having some Rodney and June. Rodney and June are out sadly. There is so much you can do with Cindy.

    It would be nice to see something Briar Rose since the spin off has revealed her slightly wild side. I would love to Rapunzal as she has the strictest rules to a human fable.

    Maybe have some Peter Pan for the dedicated fable fans. ;)

  • Mr. Wind AKA North Wind, Bigby's dad. That man is pure awesome. :3

  • Ditto. I think these would be the top choices for all of the comic readers. Wouldn't mind seeing Charming or Bluebeard either.

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    I second the notion for Frau Totenkinder. There'd be a price to pay for her help of course.

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    @Azlyn wrote:
    Five characters are to be revealed in the next episode.Since the TWAU community hasn't been active these few days,i thought this should be...I dunno.Refreshing y'all?Anyway,if you could pick 5 characters,which ones would they be?For me,i guess it's like this:


    Frau Totenkinder
    Prince Charming?(the question mark is there because i'm not quite sure we'll get to see him at all...)
    Cinderella?(again with the question mark)
    Rose Red?(question mark...STAHP...you're ruining my thread)
    And(yeah,i know it's 6 characters now)Boy Blue


    So yeah.If you could just post what characters you'd like to be introduced to,or the ones you think are most PROBABLE to be introduced, that'd be great.

    Rose Red! I love herrrrrrrr soooooooo much!!!!!!

  • OMG a real-ass comment!Thank you,good user.And i agree,Rose is pretty much awesome in every way.

  • I would really appreciate appearance of Cinderella. I bet she would be useful in the investigation.

  • Oh,yeah,totes forgot to mention Cindy up there...Let me edit that.An awesome secret-agent like her must get her spot on the list!

  • Not sure if Charming is in Fabletown at this time. But Boy Blue should be there. Love to see him playing a part.

  • Okay,then.Shall i remove the question mark from Boy Blue?(<---GO HOME QUESTION MARK!)

  • Yes you should. Blue needs to be there!

  • Prince Charming so Bigby can kick his ass and shove it in his face that he stayed with Snow :P

  • The Tortoise and the Hare. Even if they aren't featured characters, maybe just an EasterEgg or something

  • great to see a few other Fables...and yeah,,,,Rose Red rocks

  • It might not be 5 more characters sadly. Some of the entries could be about things (ex. glamours from episode 1) or some thing thats choice related (ex. Bigby's mercy or Bigby's vengeance from whether or not you tear off Gren's arm)

  • That's the reason he's on my list :P

  • I know nothing of the comic, so whether they exist in this universe or not, forgive me.

    Anyway, I'd like to see the Green Knight (from Sir Gawain & the Green Knight) but would really like Queen Mab.

  • I want to see ALL the fables of the comics even though it probably won't happen >.< Most of all though, I wanna see Rose Red ( Since she and Snow are my favorites.)

  • minor spoilers from comics below!
    blue boy. he was awesome on his rampage when he went back to the homelands.
    don't think we will see prince charming since he returned in the comics afther he was all around the world.

    rose red. but personally I don't think she will make a attendance couse she doesn't make up with snow for another's 60. years or so .

    blue beard is cool, but we know we will see more of him next episode.

  • Cinderella, Badger and the Headless Horseman

  • Badger did have a very small cameo. When Bigby looks through the book of fables to try and find Faith, you have the option to notice Toad, who is standing next to Toad. When you click on him, Bigby says: "Look, it's Badger. Haven't seen him in awhile". So I guess more a reference than a cameo. BUT IT STILL COUNTS!!! XD

  • Beowulf. Need I say more?

  • Yeah I know but I think it'd be cool to actually see him, not just in the book.

  • He's at the bar isn't he? When Bigby goes to see Holly, Jack is there wanting to "start a posse"

  • In the first few comics, it shows that PC just got back from a long stay away from Fabletown, I get the feeling he won't make an appearance.

  • The little red riding hood but judging by the other female fables apperances she would be a prostitute or something like that

  • I guess they aren't really fables but I'd like to see some characters from Alice in Wonderland... mainly Alice or The Queen of Hearts because she's all about them beheadings.

  • Boy blue, Flycatcher, Goldilocks cause she's off her noggin or Rose Red cause she flippin' rocks!!! :)

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