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The Walking Dead (DVD by Telltale). Is it still possible?

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I know this has been talked about already, but now that there's news about The Wolf Among Us users having access to a free end-of-season DVD, I think it appears a bit odd that they skipped the DVD for The Walking Dead. Are plans for a TWD DVD completely scrapped? I'd even pay a little extra for the TWD DVD if needed, and would buy it along the future Wolf Among Us DVD.

If it's too late for TWD Season 1, another idea would be releasing a DVD with both Season 1 and the future Season 2 of The Walking Dead, when it ends.

  • I second this. Any chances of a Walking Dead DVD?

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Much, much, muuuuch too late, I'm afraid. I mean, if they decided to do this retroactively for TWD, heck, why not for Law & Order too?

    The Season DVD was still on hiatus during TWD Season One, sadly. Let's hope it returns for Season 2.

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      Well, it wouldn't make sense to include Law & Order in the same DVD as The Walking Dead.

      I was talking about releasing an end-of-season TWD DVD when Season 2 ends including both the old and the new season. Having both seasons in the same DVD would certainly make sense.

      BTW, I just realized that this thread is in the Wolf Among Us forum. I don't know why I posted it here, maybe because of the news about the WAU end-of-season DVD, but this thread would probably be more appropriate in the Walking Dead forum.

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        Macfly77 Moderator

        Thread moved to the correct forum.
        I don't think Vainamoinen meant that Telltale could/should/would include Law and Order on a Walking Dead DVD, but rather that if Telltale decided to (finally) release a DVD for the first season of TWD, why not release one for Law and Order, while they're at it?
        I agree that it would be nice (especially for the completist in me) to have the first season available on DVD from the Telltale Store, but having both seasons one one DVD wouldn't really make sense as not everyone who bought season 2 from the Telltale Store also bought the first season from there (I'm pretty sure that the end-of-season DVD enticed a lot of regular Steam buyers to purchase the second season directly from Telltale).

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          Ok, you're right, that could certainly happen (some people having bought the first season in Steam and the second here).

          Maybe the solution could be releasing the Season 2 end-of-season DVD in a 2-disc box with one of the trays empty, and then supplying just the Season 1 disc in a simple plastic bag with no paper artwork (just the DVD) for people who bought it here, so we could easily add the disc to the box. But maybe that'd be too convoluted :)

  • Sorry but what will this DVD contain? I don't understand.

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      Macfly77 Moderator

      Here is a direct quote from Telltale Games president Kevin Bruner:

      "The collectors DVD will have the entire game on it, various videos, behind the scenes, etc. The DVD also comes in a case with special TTG only artwork. We've done a DVD with almost every TTG series, and we usually start locking down the exact contents of the DVD as the season comes to a close. Since the DVD usually contains things that are created while the series is in production, we can't say what specific things will be on it, but we usually do a decent job. Plus you can't beat the price!"

  • I really hate TTG for this. I bought TWD and so far I ordered for EVERY game I bought here also the DVD. I really like the idea of having TWD on DVD in my shelf. Now they announce a DVD for season 2 but not for season 1. Would not be this tragic except - the DVD already exists and you can BUY it at for another 30$. Now I really don't know if I should buy the next season directly from TTG or if I should buy at steam because without season 1 I don't really care for season 2 on DVD and I will not pay the same price again to get this season 1 DVD. On the other side TTG could make another DLC like 400Days and the I'd have to buy this separately on steam. I really hate them for making the choice so difficutl by telling us nothing and giving us not much more. I have all S+M games, Monkey Island, BTTF, JP, Walace and Gromit, Strong Bad, Poker Night, Puzzle Agent and Hector and I was always a big fan of TTG - but this is not a good behaviour.

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