We need romance/sex in games



  • Personally I don't think sex in this game would suit the style (as in the game-play and how the game looks overall) and the mood (as in episode one has quite a dark underlying theme to it and Bigby jumping into bed with someone right after he's seen two innocent women murdered wouldn't really make much sense). In regards to romance/dating unless TellTale made it so that you don't have a choice in who you can romance, there'd be too many variables to make it work in this kind of game.

  • dating sims, like the beloved Persona 4 already exist

    but I agree, the fable comics have innuendo and romance throughout, and to do a film noir and NOT have sex? well, then its not film noir

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    You clearly never saw a noir movie...
    Casablanca? The Maltese Falcon? The Big Sleep? Those are the classics... and no one of those movies had sex, only mild romances.

  • Or for that matter, one of few games in the same genre: LA Noire. The sex is implied as in "they go home together" (and then no one can't fail to understand what they do).

  • "If you make sex and romance in a game, you should cater for all people with different sexual and romantic preferences. Otherwise, your game will get critisized a lot."

    What? Are you serious? A few romantic preferences would be nice, but to cater to everyone? Impossible.

    As for myself, I would gladly see some romance in the future. I loved relationship between Bigby and Snow but everyone knows how it turned out.

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    What about just letting devs tell the tale in their way?
    I dont mind sex, naked boobies and penises, male torso could be nice to (as long as build up :-p ), and im very against any type of censorship or prudence. Tabu do not goes well with storytelling in general.
    Just not every story have sex in it. Especially when it is dangerous world there may be no time for that.
    From the other side tension would be nice. Characters have this thing to look for safe spots when world is dangerous so some kind of relation with people of similar goals is normal and natural. Just more than sex scene im interested in whole romance/relation and how they speak, or how they touch. So far i really liked the relation with Snow, untill it was cut off - damm my puns are killing me. :-(

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