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We need more sexual encounters

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I'm not asking you throw in a prono. If its possible to meet a girl, you build up a point of trust till your naked under te sun, caressing each other naked body's...Why cant you make a girlfriend. You can shoot a thousand zombies but you can't make a sl

where i get to 2nd base.

  • Imo that's time wasted unnecessarily on something most people won't agree with or enjoy - if it's a you-must-do-this-for-real-cant-go-further-if-you-don't kind of thing. Y would you want a naked booty in the middle of a story about zombies and survival, and nahah - babies aren't survival , you can reproduce after hell is over, you wouldn't want that baby to go zombie on you just because there's no heat in winter.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      Interesting enough, It can be about the story or a side quest. I think many would want this as an option. I'm not asking girls to strip down on a poll and dollar bills placed in their g string. However..romance storylines. It's apart of most good story's. I just don't understand the hate.
      I loved getting to know companions i could romance, and I still spoke to them after we had romance encounter.

      Again, you can blow off a guys head.

      But romance..goes too far

  • I think you're looking for a different kind of game mate...

  • You should try Leisure Suit Larry, the whole game series is about Larry's quest to find a girlfriend.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      Your right, what was I thinking..girls..romance in a video game

      who has done this expect everyone. I guess this company doing better then all of them..

  • I think people are a little too quick to draw their swords on this issue and I don't see why. After all, there are plenty of relationships going on in the TWD tv series as well, and as long as it furthers the plot and creates real relationships between people, why not? Why is it perfectly acceptable to kill, maim and murder endlessly but not add romance into a story about human survival?

    • I doubt anyone would be against a romantic aspect to the storyline, assuming it's there for the right reasons (and "because I want to get to second base" is not a good reason). The first season was about a group of people thrown into a zombie apocalypse, struggling to survive. It's unsurprising that in such a situation, romance wouldn't be high on anyone's priority list. However, as time goes on, and the survivors adapt to their situation more, then it would be more realistic for such relationships to start to form.

      Love and loss are powerful emotions -- especially when done together -- and Telltale have covered the whole loss thing already, so it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to tackle love in S2. Just don't expect it to end well!

    • I have nothing against romance in games and I enjoyed how TTG has portrayed romance of Guybrush and Elaine in their Tales of Monkey Island. ;)

      However while I have nothing against full frontal nudity and sex scenes in fiction (I'm huge Spartacus fan), I don't think that sex scenes (like the one which the OP described in his first post) work well in adventure games (exception is aforementioned Leisure Suit Larry series). For example in Fahrenheit interactive sex scenes didn't really add anything to the story and some of those scenes felt like those were there just to show some polygon boobs. Phantasmagoria 2's sex scenes were even more awkward and felt like watching bad softcore porn.

      • I agree that these scenes have been known to be self serving and rather one sided (skewed to please the male gamer), but I don't believe the solution should be to cut them out altogether. Rather they should be to designed to reflect a truly human relationship between two characters, with both having their motivations, desires and fears and if there is a time and place for it, that can very well culminate in an erotic scene if it fits the narrative (so very much the opposite of 'hey, we've got a conveniently placed female npc prop here, let's get her nude asap' :)).

        As a girl myself, I'd very much like to see more depth to characters in any game I play, movie I watch, book I read, and romantic relationships & sex are very much part of that. But I would like to see it in a more balanced 'human' manner, showing both sides as equal, and not just an excuse to see them polygon boobs :)

    • Actually I like the idea. I think lee and Carley should have been given the option to get romantic. That would have been way better with the "your choices dictate the gameplay" stuff TTG was marketing.

  • I draw my sword on this issue because game relationships are almost ridiculous. I've got real life to deal with a girlfriend, I don't need to make petting budies with a digital ones. Gaming relationships are almost always terrible essentialism where if you treat a woman with the 'right' responses and actions she'll bone you. That doesn't happen in real life because attraction is infinitely more complicated like that. I always find game relationships to be shallow point systems for screw time.

    New idea. Telltale, put in a relationship system where even if you do and say all the right things, the woman rejects you. THAT would be awesome. The random element would be swell.

    And more penises. The first time a nude scene happens, make sure it's like, all dude.

    • To address your first point, these options should be what they are,options and not a compulsory part of the story. So if you don't want to bother with having to schmooze a virtual lass in addition to a real one you shouldn't have to! :)

      Your second point was right on though; indeed attraction is a very complex thing to simulate and it could take a designer weeks if not more to come up with the entire psychology behind how a character could react to certain aspects of our protagonist. I would love to see something like this in games eventually, because it is a really fascinating part of the human condition and FINALLY something other than the tried and true. So imo the answer is not leave romance out altogether but design better romance OPTIONS! Use them designer brains! Create three dimensional deep and interesting characters you WANT to form these relationships with. Heck, isn't forming bonds and feeling for these pixel heros the whole point of the gaming endeavor? :)

      Oh and your last point... I can only say, three times hurrah for equal opportunity nudity haha.

  • Why would you want that in the game? A bit of well-dosed romance MIGHT be good for the story, but explicit sex won't. And if you want sex for the sake of it, this is the wrong game.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Sexual scenes in games are just awkward. Put this in a Telltale game and it'd ruin it.

    One reason why I never played Heavy Rain.

  • Interesting thought...

  • Lee should have had the option to make sweet love down by the fire with Carley or Lilly, or if you chose so Doug. TTG could have made a huge impact on their" your choices matter" slogan.

    I could see the dialog now.

    Lee - "Doug that's a great early warning system. I can finally relax and get to know your better"

  • Bad idea. When I was a kid ( young, dumb and full of you know what ) watching movies, I loved the sex scenes. But now, I see that they don't add to to the story or plot. I think that's why you don't see much of that anymore.

    Perhaps you should take a break and... "handle" your urges and then come back and play, so you can be more focused.

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