• Soooo, in a Romanian fairy tale called The Story of Harap-Alb, the hero named Harap-Alb was resurrected even if he was decapitated. How? Well, the daughter of the Red King used vines from sweet apples (I guess that's a precise translation for those magical fruits). So there might be a chance.

  • Snow is totally coming back, as several people have already said, this story is meant as a prequel to the comics in which she is alive and well.
    And also look at the name of the second episode, "Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors"
    I've seen other people make this theory but it was not until I saw the name of the next episode that I started to believe it. They are both alive, Snow and Faith. I already said the reasoning behind Snows return and now Faiths'.
    When you talk to the mirror after learning Faiths identity you have the option to ask to see her, her husband, and her father. When you ask for her husband you see what appears to be a dead body and her dad you see a corpse (skeletal arm coming out of what looks like a swamp or something). However when you ask to see Faith, the mirror says it cannot see her, his words: "through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed. Unfortunately for you, these lips are sealed." The mirror then says that the "these lips are sealed" part was not his words, that it's "just the way it has to be.
    These are the same words used by Faith both times she is ask who she works for. Someone put a spell on her to protect their identity from being found and the spell is still on her "body" (though I still believe she is alive).
    And now with Snows' death set up the same exact way obviously the same person has taken her too.
    But as Episode 2 states, this is all just "Smoke and Mirrors"

  • Considering this is set before the comics, Snow White will be fine. All Bigby has to do I'd find her body

  • There is a theory that they have gone the alternate history with the game and its a way of distancing themselves from having to stick 100% to the comics. Though as 6stringed pointed out there is reason to think one if not both are still alive, or will be.

    • But theory I scored incorrect, both TellTale and Vertigo have said the game is in continuity with the Fables comic. So it is not an alternate history, they clearly respect the source material.

      Plus Snow White is pretty much immortal.

    • I hope so, knowing that their deaths are fakes isn't as emotionally powerful as real deaths.

      • It has already been established that Fables are hard to kill, especially popular ones like Snow White. This is a prequel, so we know she will survive and she has come back from the dead before.

        And coming back would not make that last scene in episode one any less emotional. Especially since Bigby still need to find Snow's body.

  • That makes it kinda lame to me.

    If Fables can come back, then what's the big deal ?
    Let that person murder everyone, they'll come back.

    Knowing which characters live in the Fable graphic novel takes the wind out of the sail of this game. :/

    • You misunderstand, not all Fables can come back. Only a few can pull that off, Snow being one of them.

      Also, not all of the characters we have seen have shown up in the Graphic Novel, leaving their fate uncertain.

  • I found it a bit sudden, i like that telltale is unpredictable, but i couldnt build a relationship if you will with the character, it litterally got cut off too quickly if you ask me. Now Snow is just a character that could have been, didnt affect me nearly as much as it did Carley for instance.

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