• This is what I think If she is in the first Comic before the prequel they are bound to bring her back that's what i think

  • She was prime waifu material.

  • I almost killed myself when i found out snow white is dead.. So it'll be nice if telltale brings her back to the game... Just please

  • Telltale just doesn't like happy endings.___.

  • I thought that snow as in Bigby DC comics will became one of the best partner of the Bigby and the sort of love story which is really important for the scene where there is a lot more action a serial murder.The Bigby shuld really have became a human if snow should have remained .In the comic snow was preganented by Bigby and then he takes on the mission alone .If they would have really wanted to restricted snow they would have done that but it was drasticating that the snow's cut face w

  • Killing off the uppity and annoying Snow White was one of the ballsiest writing moves I've seen in a long time. Beautifully executed and truly unexpected. Please don't give in to lonely dude pressure and keep her dead and buried and keep the story spinning towards it's dark, heart rending finale.

    PS From what I gather Snow is alive and well in the comic book series, so I think it's really super-cool of Telltale to put their own spin on the mythos.

  • It's really too bad, she could have been a great partner, pulled into Bigby's line of work and learning the ropes. Maybe we'll get a replacement.

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