• !Beware of slight SPOILER!
    I could not agree more with this thread. Snow needs to come back. I really liked her as a character!

  • yah i hope shes alive alot my only theory is that was someone elses head with glamour on it to make it look like snows

  • So many ways that she could still be alive...

    I don't think we've seen the last of Snow, just like I'm not entirely convinced that we've seen the last of Faith. There was so much character development that I think that even if they don't come back in the game, we'll have some scenes with them, even if it's just "memories" or "visions" - like Bigby taking one of their heads to a witch and asking them to help and maybe he gets to see the last thing they saw. Possibly farfetched, but I'm a dreamer, so sue me.

  • To tell the truth I dont like her and Im glad she is gone.So often tells how to act or what to do.Play the big boss,so i see things.I hope she don`t come back.

  • You never know, maybe Bigby is able to resurrect Snow later in the game. Telltale can be unpredictable

  • Of course i wish. One of two decision i regret in ep1 is not telling Snow how awesome she is when was still time.
    Yet it is how it need to be. We asked for grid and gritty, and we got some. :-(
    Well, at least once we find the killer there will be some violence.

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