• Don't forget this series is named after Wolf, not after Fables. So any event should be seen in the light of the repercussions it has to Bigby. And I think we've seen the beginning of what the series will be about: Wolf struggling to remain human (he "almost" reversed to his beastly form twice in the first chapter) in spite of all that's happening to him. Snow is the only Fable with a soothing effect on Bigby (see what happens in Crane's office), you could say she's his main link with humanity and I guess her death serves the purpose of severing his most important tie with sanity. He will lose it, and there will be no Snow to hold him back this time.

  • 1) I think everyone should know that The Wolf Among Us takes place 30 years before the events of the comics.If you have read the comics you know that BigB and Snow get married, but its a long process till their relationship gets established. So I don't really expect them to get hooked up throughout this season. I am sure, we will see glimpses such as the taxi ride in episode 1.

    2) Bill Willingham has confirmed that The Wolf Among Us is going to be the official canon prequel to his comic series. Hence, we know for a fact that Snow is somehow alive.

    • There are so many random guesses as to how many years before the comics the game takes place. The radio forecast clearly points to a specific date. The game takes place around the time Crane is fired (I hope we'll see this). It wouldn't make sense if it were before every single event. The prequel mentions are few in number though.

  • I do. I think she's great.

  • i would have loved for snow to be in the rest of it, i really started liking her character and i saw alot of potential for Bigby and Snow, i think that that could have been something amazing. I really am look forward to what is next in this story, i would love more twists and turns. im sure this will be full of them.

  • I think this is classic Telltale, i knew she was going to die because for some reason these guys are allergic to any sort of romance. In the Walking Dead they hinted at possible relationships but nothing ever comes to fruition. Either they simply CANT write good chemistry between romantically involved characters or they simply hate having any sort of happy ending. I wish Snow White hadn't died, so far they had a great pace and look about them for a romantic connection, the best of any telltale game imo.

    They're not bringing her back, they removed Bigby's only 'human' drive, now all he has is revenge/justice (not sure which yet) and his insatiable animal instincts. Stupid move imo =/ makes it easy to predict..

    • well it isn't that telltale cant write a good romance, but you should remember that TWD and TWAU are both based of a comic book series, they are not writing from scratch they have the plot and baseline, they can change some but more likely they wont because if you read the comics (like i have started to) then you would see how amazing they are and would just be happy that telltale have taken them on, because these are 2 amazing games that i have loved playing, i mean i have logged 45.6 hours on the wolf among us and 168.2 hours the walking dead, i cant get enough of them, they are truly superb.

  • Can the OP please please edit the thread title, the grammar is killing me.

  • I'm not sure if we will see Snow again, but I honestly would love if Telltale pulled off a resurrection, and brought her back. I personally think she was a pretty good character, and partner. But like I said I'm not sure if we will see her again.

  • I think we will see her. Only not in Season 2,cuz as We've seen in the little trailer for Season 2 There is Bigby turned into a wolf form at the end. That basically means that Snow isn't alive yet,because she is the one that tells him to back down, to be nice and stuff...He is afther his revenge so thats why he's turned I think. So my guess is that she Will come back , but not in Season 2. Personally I'd love her back.

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