Gren's eye.

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What happened to Gren's eye?
The first time we meet him, in the Woodsland, both his eye are fine. Then, in the Trip Trap, the right one is beady.
Something may be happened to him...



  • Yeah, I noticed that. I don't know? Maybe he was running out of glamour, and that was his first step if transformation into the monster.. That's just a guess though

  • That's what I thought too.
    Just doesn't make complete sense.

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    I think that's exactly what it was. When the Woodsman is strangling Bigby in the prolog and his glamour starts to fade his eyes are the first thing to change.

  • Seemed to be the color of Gren's "natural" eyes. My guess was that he was consciously shedding the glamour because of his anger. Maybe he hadn't hit his boiling point quite yet because of the fact that he was only partially turning.

    I think it's also supposed to be a visual cue to the audience. With those hints like his eye starting to change color and (if I'm not mistaken) his face beginning to change shape slightly all along with the growing anger in his voice, to a player who's brand new to the universe this would seem to be the "uh-oh, that doesn't look right. Something's going to happen" moment.

  • Isn't bigby just a werewolf who changes when he is too angry? I do not think he even uses glamour.

  • Yeah, Bigby doesn't use a spell or anything. In the series he was a gigantic wolf who gained his lycanthropic abilities after allowing himself to be cut (by Snow) with an enchanted knife.

  • Yeah, but why just one and not both?

  • Dunno. Good question. Maybe it was just for effects? One creepy looking eye, a shadowy bar, tension building between the characters... etc.

  • Oh! Well I didn't get that at all...I guess I just assumed his glamour ran on whiskey.

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    Hmm well my hunch is that gren is the serial killer but idk maybe his not who knows anyways he acts so suspicious and also noticed his left arm was hurt too around the shoulder maybe one of the victims did it?. Oh well we just have to wait next part :)

  • How could Gren be the killer? You are with him the whole time the second murder is taking place.

  • Oh yea sorry about that my mistake :D

  • The guy's got issues for sure (and we may see him again in future episodes, who knows?), but he was fighting with Bigby during the time when the second murder was happening. I think the scar on his arm was a nod to the Beowulf legend.

  • Ok the eye thingy was just glamour fading nothing else. I bought this game on Steam and really hated the achievement system had to play 3 times first episode trough becouse didnt want to rip grens hand off just becouse achievement hope that dont happen in other episodes how many else ripped his hand off?

  • Technically he would have to use glamour too.
    Even if just a werewolf, he would turn every night. He was originally just a magic wolf though, so the glamour ware-off idea is possible.

  • I want to see Grendel in human form without his arm! :o

  • I'm guessing he had a fight in between the first time we saw him and the bar and he was (temporarily because he is a fable) blinded in one eye

  • Three times? You only needed 2 (rip hand and not rip hand). In truth, you didn't even need more than one playthrough. You just had to copy your save and rewind (I believe the game tells you to choose a new save slot for the new rewinded "playthrough" when you choose to rewind) the last chapter of Ep1 and then do things differently than you did before

  • AFAIK Glamor only lasts a temporarily amount of time. His "real" eyes are white. So his glamour was running out, revealing 1 eye of it's true nature.

    That's what I got from it.

  • He lost it in a fight with the serial killer. Nuff said.

  • As Zephyr wrote, Bigby is just a lycantrophe. He changes if too angry and does not need glamour at all.

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    The change in Grendel's eye is meant to be a hint that something's not quite right, and weird shit is about to happen... it's his "real" / unglamoured eyes starting to show through. That was actually added pretty late in development, so I played a few times where Grendel had normal eyes through that whole conversation, and it's definitely MUCH creepier with the eye change.

  • I do have to agree, it did make it a bit more unsettling, nice addition Puzzle.

  • I guess I just assumed his glamour ran on whiskey.

    That's true of most whiskey drinkers.

  • the scar on his arm ?

    you mean when bigby stabs him in the shoulder with the pool que ?

  • his magic was failing as he is poor and pissed alot lol

  • The scar is there from the beginning when he first changes

  • i kina took that as just the detail on him lol

  • its a reference to Beowulf, who kills him by ripping his arm off

    the choice you have to leave him or tear his arm off also plays on that tale

    Actually, he does, even if he doesn't have to. In the comic book he can shapeshift between human and wolf at will, but he inherited this ability from his father, whome he hates. So he doesn't want to use these powers, and buys a glamour like other fables

  • Nice to see some creators on the forums. Kind of gives an absolute answer.

  • Ah, okay. Thanks for filling in that bit.

  • It really made the situation all the more creepy.

  • Actually Violet is right. Bigby changes at a whim in the comics. Snow cut Bigby with an enchanted Lycanthropy knife.

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    I think none of the five suspects is our killer.

  • I haven't read the comics yet, but is that what that knife at Prince Lawrence's house was.

  • I do realize that this part one came out a while ago but I just wanted to say the reason Gren's arm is already damaged is because he is Grendel, from the poem Beowulf, and Beowulf killed him in the poem by ripping off his arm.

  • Not really a traditional werewolf. His mother was a wolf, and his father was the north wind. He lived as a wolf his entire life until coming to the mundane world. In the story that explained all this, he actually mentions running into a few werewolves and calls them "pale imitations" of real wolves. He was cut with a knife cursed with lycanthropy, but it's more like reverse lycanthropy if anything. A wolf in humans clothes rather than the other way around.

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