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    I think that might depend on a few more choices. If you go to Toad's first and then to Prince Lawrence, you find the fatty in the closet so then you already know something without Toad's help. Not sure what happens if you go to Prince first.

    Either way, if it did come to that, I think it would probably be something along the lines of hostage exchange situation rather than a straight up kill. What's more important, getting back your brother or killing some kid for your brother who is still alive and just getting both yourself and him in way deeper crap with little to no pay off.

    And nope, not concerned, more excited.

  • That honestly never occurred to me, but then again my conclusion was that Dee would have more information than the Woodsman (or more specifically the man he works for does) so I went after Dee.

    If you have Dee perhaps Dum will abduct Toad's son and you'll have to make a prisoner exchange...or not; the same thing could happen with the Woodsman as then twins are clearly after him. In any case I think you may be on to something here.

  • I think it was a better idea to grab the woodsman, though in the moment I went for which ever one of the fat guys it was. Dum and Dee are looking for information so that makes me think he can't tell me about the murders because they don't know themselves, but I might find a deeper plot if he talk about his employer.

  • I also arrested Woodsman because at the moment , I thought he'd know more about what's going on ... Then I realized , Dum/Dee probably know know much more about this whole thing , since they were at both Lawrence's apartment and Faith's(Toad's) place , while Woodsman might've only been there by accident.

    Who knows ... let's hope I made the right choice and that Woodsman is a good source of information. I have never suspected Woodsman,Dum or Dee as being the killers , but I'm sure they must know something..

  • I never thought of that, I can somehow see Telltale being sadistic enough to force us to make that choice, wonderful.

  • I never really suspected the Woodsman in the first place, and my talk with him convinced me for good if I had any doubts left.
    After we talked in the bar I only felt pity for him.
    When Dee (or Dum) showed up, I immediately wanted to grab him even when the opportunity wasn't available.
    Those brothers are no good bullies and they have to answer for the bruises on TJ's arm (and for knocking me out back in the alley)
    I didn't hesitate for a second when the choice came up.

    And I'm confident that Woody will be a resourceful, badass ally in the future. Can't wait to have him at my side to go kick some baddies' ass together.

  • It would make me so sad if something bad happened to TJ, he is beyond adorable.

  • I picked dee and I took the guys arm off I wonder if I will see him without it

  • Odds are people will die no matter what you choose.

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