Steam Key + TTG Store Version in one Purchase?

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

So I was thinking, It seem ton of people love to buy the game and having both the Steam Key and the TTG Store Version, so why not put a Package like that on the TTG Store and make the price maybe a little bit higher than just 25$ for the Store Version only. Like around 30~35$... I seen ton of people complaining about the fact that no Steam Key included with the current purchase mostly because they thought that it would be the same here (lot of other indie dev have using the same way to sell their games).

Or you could have some retailer selling Steam Key instead of TTG Store Version Key for the game, like TWD. To be honest, I think people want to have some sale / coupon thingy which may not happen with direct purchase from here...

Just my opinion though... Thank for reading. :P


  • Would be indeed nice, don't know what the reason is not to give everyone a steam key. Hey but who knows, maybe sometime :)

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