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The Wolf Among Us - Steam Key

posted by Raken on - Viewed by 6.2K users

Hi. I bought the game and I like to have a steam key. So... how can i get?

  • Same since i sufferd the same pre order problem as anny other person who bought the game Via telltale download ...but wel i dont seem to derserv one :P

  • Hello I bought this game from and it is not working and like the original poster I would like to know if I can get a Steam key or pay an extra fee to get one?

    I have all of your other games on Steam as well as 418 others, it would be a shame for them all to be in one place, auto updating and with achievements and this one game as a separate entity. Are we expected to pay £18.99 again to get it on Steam?

    EDIT: This game still will not connect to the server, however reading through these posts just because I didn't pre order it means what? That I can't play what I paid for??

  • Add me to the list! I just purchased the season! Is there a way to get it on Steam as well?

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      Macfly77 Moderator

      The Steam keys were only for people who pre-ordered the game from the Telltale Store and were unable to play the game on Friday while the Steam version was already up and running.

      • OK, that covers me :)


        • take a look here post by a mod stating that we should

          Yeah, as long as you pre-ordered from a retail outlet that redeemed at the Telltale website, and redeemed your code prior to the Steam offer, you'll get an e-mail with a bonus Steam key.

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            MattP Telltale Staff

            That link is for this thread. Can you point me to the post that states that?

            To clarify, we sent out Steam keys to anyone who had pre-ordered The Wolf Among Us from our store before the Telltale version went live on Friday. So as long as the game appeared on your account in our database, you should have received a code.

            If you believe you should have received a Steam code and didn't, please email our support team at We can check your email that owns the game against our master list.

            • Sorry about the wrong link here is the correct one a post made by one of your moderators Jennifer stats that people who pre ordered and redeemed before on the TTG site would receive a key.


              Now you asking for people to email support I have done several times and no response ive even called your head office and left a message on someone on the support options voice mail care to explain why I've not had a reply?

              Tickets I submitted

              Ticket ID #9929 -- claims they cant read the email after sending it and replying several times submitted on the 11th

              7 Days no reply since Fri 11/10/2013 11:12 PM

              Ticket ID #10100 - submitted on 13th no reply

              5 Days no reply - automated response

              Ticket ID #10265‏ - submitted on the 15th via a different email address no reply?

              3 Days no reply - automated response

              • I have just emailed them about my game not logging in, got the automated response, hopefully someone will help us play the game we paid for!

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                MattP Telltale Staff

                Our support team is a little backed up due to the launch, but we will respond to your ticket as soon as possible.

                • Today is officially one week and no reply to a ticket hope they get their act together sooner than later

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                    MattP Telltale Staff

                    According to our database we replied twice to your first ticket, 9929, and are waiting for your response. The email you sent only said 'Hello, I'. I do see a second and third ticket in the system, but they have not been replied to as you have an earlier, open ticket. I will ask someone to close that earlier ticket and respond to your newer ticket. You can expect a reply today and we apologize for the delay.

                    • Maybe you can help while I wait for an email reply from Telltale?

                      The steps I have taken to get this to work:

                      Logged in with EMAIL and password [which is upper and lowercase letters and numbers]

                      Logged in with USERNAME and password [" "]

                      CHANGED my password to another combination of upper/lowercase letters and numbers]

                      Logged in with EMAIL and NEW password

                      Logged in with USERNAME and NEW password

                      DELETED THE GAME and the userfiles - reinstalled

                      run the game as administrator

                      checked INTERNET CONNECTION [recently got 60 mb internet and a new network card]

                      checked FIREWALL has accepted the game

                      uninstalled The Walking Dead [which I have on Steam]

                      uninstalled the game again and all userfiles - reinstalled

                      run other games absolutely fine?

                      Nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?

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                        DjNDB Moderator

                        You have tried pretty much every workaround that helped so far.
                        I can try if I can find something new that might cause this.

                        Please follow the instructions to run the TWAU Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "" or "" to your next reply in this thread.

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                            DjNDB Moderator

                            Yes it did. I can't find anything unusual. My best guess is that the game is somehow not properly linked to your account, but that's something TTG support would have to fix.

                            • Thank you very much for checking it. I really have no idea what is going on :(

                            • Hi, do you have to login to the servers in the Steam version? It has been 5 days of fail now, wondering if I should just buy the Steam copy? But if you still have to login there is no point. Thanks!

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                                DjNDB Moderator

                                For the steam version you only have to be logged into steam as usual. It does however connect to TTG's servers as part of the games decision tracking, but that's not relevant for activating it.

                                I would be sad if you had to buy the steam version instead of getting the key though.
                                Just to be sure I would check the spam filters of your E-Mail, to see if the steam key is there. I would also try logging into the TTG version once more, to see if it has been fixed.

                                • Thank you for all your help.

                                  I ran CCleaner on the registry mode [I made a backup copy] and it cleared out loads of broken registry links. I see your comment and try to login again and what do you know... that blooming fixed it!!!!!

                                  I CAN FINALLY PLAY! Yayyyyyyy.

      • I did that and still aint got no key =S

  • Ok...
    That's too bad. If i know that I would buy the game at the website.
    Thanks for the great support and the customer who buys the game on the website can't able to make the portability.

  • What is up with Telltale support, still no response to my support quest and it has been aaaaages. sigh

  • I bought the steam version of the game now it's asking me to login when I do that it says please buy the game click here.... Very frustrating I asked steam for a full refund should see what they say as I can no longer play the game. Something is very screwy here...

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