Who's your favorite character?

I'm kinda knew to the forums (it's my 2nd day) and I wasn't sure if I should post this in general discussion or story discussion, so I just did general. So this is a random question, but who's your favorite character? My personal favorite is Christa for some odd reason. I didn't care for her at first, but then I started to like her. Now she's my favorite character. My first time playing the game, when I was bit, she and Omid (also one of my favs) came with me while Mr. Giant Jerk stayed by himself (I dropped Ben). She was also the one to cut my arm off. I hope she doesn't die if she's in S2 (I hope she is.).



  • It's a tie between Clem, Christa and Eddie.

    And Lilly is my favorite villain.

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    Eddie's funny, and I like Wyatt.

    "I can't tell if you're dead, deaf, or just an ass!"

  • Also, CHRISTA LOVERS UNITE! LOL. Sorry. Someone had to say it. :)

  • You might want to fix your post. You only marked for spoilers from the first four episodes, but that is a huge Episode 5 spoiler.

  • Sorry, I'll fix that. I apologize. Thank you very much for pointing that out.

  • My top 5 favs

    Lee Everett, Clementine, Carley, Kenny and Molly.

  • Clementine.

  • I liked Nate. But for Season 1, it is probably Omid or Kenny. That's because i don't count the 2 main characters. I also like the 2 silhouettes.

  • Yeah, she's one of my favorite characters too. :)

  • Is it cheating to just say everyone outside of Lilly? I thought everyone was unique and interesting, I'm not sure I could pick just a couple characters.

  • Clementine and Lilly.

  • Naw, it's not cheating. I understand that a lot of gamers aren't Lilly fans, but I kind of like her for some reason. This is just sort of a random convo since I had no idea what else to talk (Type?) about...

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    Character I would sacrifice anyone else in the game for: Clem (obviously).

    Not counting Clem, my favorite character would have to be Kenny. I hate how so many people were borderline (in some cases actually) happy when he got eaten alive by the living dead (unless he got away.... please telltale). He could be a jerk at times, but until episode 3, he had every reason to be, he was trying to protect his family.

    After episode 3.... well.... he didn't have many reasons to not be.

    He lost every single reason he had to live. He lost his son, his wife left him in the most traumatic way possible, and his boat was stolen. He kept on living, even though he had no reason to.

    And for those of you who didn't drop Ben, he actually forgives Ben. Think about that for a second. He forgave the man responsible for causing him more pain than anyone else in the entire group felt. He was the only group member to loose a child. Ben killed his wife and son, and he used his last bullet to make sure Ben didn't get eaten alive.

    Kenny was my friend.

    Also, i have to give Nate an honorable mention. I completely agreed with "You tried to kill us for no goddamn reason, if anything we should take you out for that." 99% of the time, i would have been okay with taking them out. The only problem is that the old guy's story made sense. I wish telltale would have given us an option to reason with Nate.

    Funny how all my favorite characters wear baseball caps.

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    Tie between Lily, Omid and Clementine for favourite (despise all the hate that Lily receives, when Kenny snaps when his son is ill no-one seems to care, yet when her only relative is killed by a member of the group she tried to look after, no-one can empathise.)

    Least favourite is Kenny. If he comes anywhere near Clem again I'm going to ensure he dies for real this time.

    EDIT: How could I forget about Shel? She's my absolute favourite, above even Clementine.

  • So Lilly deserves redemption but Kenny doesn't? And you do realize that Kenny can change too right? Just because he was acting kind of a jerk in the past, he isn't going to be like that forever, if Kenny was a monster he wouldn't stay with Ben and put him out of his misery and he wouldn't rescue Christa.
    Also, you are going to play as a new character and he won't know Kenny so you will never get a "Kill Kenny" option.

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    Lilly does not deserve redemption, what she did is horrific and I wouldn't let her near Clem either. I just understand why she did it.

    How do you know that the new character won't be able to kill Kenny when they meet him, by choosing to leave him to the zombies or something?

    Oh, and the way he treats Ben is appalling.

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    Because this new character will be like Lee. Like we can choose our new character to be a good guy or an asshole. It wouldn't make sense if the new character would immediately kill a person he never met in his whole life. That would make our new protagonist look like a psychopathic asshole and we wouldn't like that.

  • Oh I'm not saying I hope we can immediately kill him when we meet him. Just kill him at some point, perhaps having to choose to save him or someone else like Shel.

  • Not counting the obvious two (Lee and Clem) I'm going with Kenny. His character arc was second only to that of Lee and Clem, and seeing how he changed over the course of the season was great to watch. Here's hoping he'll be fine in Season 2.

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    The thing about this game is, everyone has flaws. I like Kenny for his intentions, but his judgements are what made me hate him.
    Nate is one of my favorite characters. You can never be sure if you can trust him or not with his kind of attitude. If he likes you, he'll protect you and keep you alive, if he doesn't like you, he'll find a reason to kill you with no second to think it through. I wanna see more of Nate or at least a character similar to him in Season 2, because he makes the story even more colorful with that "loose cannonball, dickhead" attitude he has.

    My other fave characters:
    I think we can all agree that we all love Lee and Clem, so let's count them out.

    1. Nate.
    2. Omid is my top one favorite character in Season one because of his constant comic relief moment.
    3. Vince goes here cause he's like the asian version of Lee. Ironic how convincing it would be if you interchange Lee's and Vince's name.
    4. I personally love Carley cause she and Clem were like Lee's conscience in human form.
    5. Molly. Total badass with that ice pick.

    Hatest characters:

    1. Ben. I know he's just misunderstood, but come on.
    2. Andy and Danny. That smirk. Urgh. Creepy.
    3. Kenny. Aside from most of his poor judgements, he's too fucking bossy. I can't remember how many times I've murdered him in my head for barking out orders.
  • i wonder if where going to be in the safe place in the season 2 in walking dead

  • First of all, use complete sentences. Second of all, nowhere is "safe". I'm hoping Its safer though.

  • clem is my fav character is clem but for season 2 I hope to play Shel as main character or clem

  • I wonder why nearly noone mentions Glenn. Besides Omid he is pretty funny and friendly with a stable personality.
    My List of favorite Characters is long, would be easier to List the ones I hate. Most of all I like Clem, of course, then Carley, Glenn, Christa and Omid.
    One Character I really dislike is Molly, who seems to be very popular. Can't stand her all so unconcerned and tough attitude.

  • Maybe the reaosn nobody mentions Glenn is because he's actually a comic character? His appearance was basically a cameo, like Hershel's, so most people probably aren't considering him at all.

  • Doug all the way :3 It's a cross between him and Kenny

  • Hmmm... I'd say Doug. Doug was kinda the quiet guy but quite perceptive. He was logical in his thinking.

  • Gotta love Doug, such a cool and nice guy. I'm proud to be part of the 23%! :D

  • I need a guy like Doug or Omid...

  • I'm sure that most of the guys on the forums are humorous nerds such as myself :D

  • Beside Lee and clem,i would say Vince because i think he somehow shared some trait with Lee.

  • My top three are definitely:

    Doug, for his character arc, and his ending.

    Nate: For Walk Among the Cobras

    Ben: For being the most relatable character in the story.

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    As far as my number one favorite? Lee. Despite largely being reliant on your choices for his characterization, it was always the bits in between that made me like Lee so much. No matter what you choose, he still loves Clementine, he's still a smart and capable guy, he's still a badass who will wade through walkers to save Clem, and so on. So, in other words, because he's badass.

    And just for fun, everyone else I like...

    Clementine: Because she's badass and the cutest thing ever.

    Carley: Because she's small. And badass.

    Lilly: Because she's badass, and yes, I maintain that even after her terrible mistake. It is possible to like a character and not condone all of their actions. Case in point...

    Kenny: Because of his badass moustache.

    Eddie: Because he's hilarious. And badass.

  • First time in a while someone's liked Lilly and Kenny at the same time, like me. High five, dam!

  • Team Kenny.

  • Lilly and Shel..

  • hah indeed... hah indeed...

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