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    It's a tie between Clem, Christa and Eddie.

    And Lilly is my favorite villain.

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    You might want to fix your post. You only marked for spoilers from the first four episodes, but that is a huge Episode 5 spoiler.

  • My top 5 favs

    Lee Everett, Clementine, Carley, Kenny and Molly.

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  • I liked Nate. But for Season 1, it is probably Omid or Kenny. That's because i don't count the 2 main characters. I also like the 2 silhouettes.

  • Is it cheating to just say everyone outside of Lilly? I thought everyone was unique and interesting, I'm not sure I could pick just a couple characters.

    • Naw, it's not cheating. I understand that a lot of gamers aren't Lilly fans, but I kind of like her for some reason. This is just sort of a random convo since I had no idea what else to talk (Type?) about...

  • Clementine and Lilly.

  • Tie between Lily, Omid and Clementine for favourite (despise all the hate that Lily receives, when Kenny snaps when his son is ill no-one seems to care, yet when her only relative is killed by a member of the group she tried to look after, no-one can empathise.)

    Least favourite is Kenny. If he comes anywhere near Clem again I'm going to ensure he dies for real this time.

    EDIT: How could I forget about Shel? She's my absolute favourite, above even Clementine.

  • So Lilly deserves redemption but Kenny doesn't? And you do realize that Kenny can change too right? Just because he was acting kind of a jerk in the past, he isn't going to be like that forever, if Kenny was a monster he wouldn't stay with Ben and put him out of his misery and he wouldn't rescue Christa.
    Also, you are going to play as a new character and he won't know Kenny so you will never get a "Kill Kenny" option.

    • Lilly does not deserve redemption, what she did is horrific and I wouldn't let her near Clem either. I just understand why she did it.

      How do you know that the new character won't be able to kill Kenny when they meet him, by choosing to leave him to the zombies or something?

      Oh, and the way he treats Ben is appalling.

      • Because this new character will be like Lee. Like we can choose our new character to be a good guy or an asshole. It wouldn't make sense if the new character would immediately kill a person he never met in his whole life. That would make our new protagonist look like a psychopathic asshole and we wouldn't like that.

        • Oh I'm not saying I hope we can immediately kill him when we meet him. Just kill him at some point, perhaps having to choose to save him or someone else like Shel.

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